Секреты красоты Кристина Даэ из «Призрака оперы»

The singer starring in the musical Elena bakhtiyarova told Woman’s Day, as it restores the skin after makeup.

Секреты красоты Кристина Даэ из «Призрака оперы»

Секреты красоты Кристина Даэ из «Призрака оперы»

With one month remaining rental phantom of the Opera – at the end of April, the musical will conclude the show. One and a half years almost every day actress Elena bakhtiyarova on stage was transformed into Kristen Daaé. Unfortunately, daily makeup could not but affect the health of the skin. Woman’s Day asked the actress how she manages to minimise the adverse consequences.

“The restoration of the face after makeup is a complex process. My skin is dry and light, so you have to pass many stages.

First, before sitting down in the chair of make-up artist, I apply some cream. After he is absorbed, is the basis and the makeup is applied. Removed all this special tool gently to avoid rubbing the skin and appeared fine cracks on the skin.

Second, after cleansing, treat the skin to a specific tool and for the night apply plenty of cream to the skin has had time to absorb all the necessary nutrients. During the performance we are losing a huge amount of fluid in the body, and this balance needs to be restored not only internally, but also externally.

One of the main conditions is strict compliance with hygiene brushes that applied makeup, use only its makeup. And, of course, an obligatory visit to the beautician, which ensures that the skin was in good condition so that it does not appear small wrinkles or blemishes. All the procedures in the complex give healthy person, who never leaves you even after hundreds of played performances “the phantom of the Opera”.

In General, “the phantom of the Opera” changed my normal life. I come in almost every day, because of what had to completely change my schedule to Wake up at a certain time, access to the swimming pool to maintain physical fitness and relaxation of the spine, pay a visit to the massage therapist to avoid clamps weekly to check with phoniatr that the ligaments were fine, plus a mandatory sleep, rest and time for relaxation to head, too, was fine and was not overwhelmed. I need to be in harmony with oneself, wholly surrendering to the audience that my character did not suffer from the problems that surround me as a person in real life. It’s not supposed to stop me.

But fortunately, I can say that thanks to the musical I not only changed their lifestyle, but also learned something new. For example, have risen on pointes. “The phantom of the Opera” – a massive project where the artist is part of a big complicated machine, which must not fail, and each of us is responsible for all working parts-particles. When I came to casting for the role of Christine daaé, we didn’t know that my character is on Pointe. This should have been trained. I always wanted to try it out on yourself to understand, is it really so painful and hard, but learning is long and complex. Classes with choreographer still occur almost daily. It turned out that Yes, painful, but it can if you want”.

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