Красивые босоножки на лето: модные тренды 2019

This summer the catwalks reigns femininity. Among the tempting offers Shoe designers find ideas for interesting urban way, bow, grunge, boho or delicate country. Today there is a place animal prints, rhinestones, studs, fringe. Importantly, the overall impression of the girl was soft and feminine. Even if there is a certain rebellious spirit, a challenge. Online store of women shoes JRL offers hundreds of interesting suggestions for inspiration.

Красивые босоножки на лето: модные тренды 2019

Fashion trends 2019

Красивые босоножки на лето: модные тренды 2019

This season you can not afford to sacrifice comfort for sexy image. Naked well-groomed legs in short shorts and skirts in leather shoes model flats. For comparison come to mind sandals, so loved by us at a tender age. The design can be quite varied — just thin straps, printed leather, rivets, flowers, beads and colored ribbons.

If shoes do not want, then the options too much. Rescue:

  • soft platform;
  • wedge;
  • square chunky heel of any height;
  • the notched heel fancy shapes.

Красивые босоножки на лето: модные тренды 2019

Just remember that the way with any Shoe needs to be refined. Lots of options offers designers with a square heel. If you choose the height not more than 5-6 cm, to walk in such shoes all day — at the office, city streets or Park paths during the weekend.

Interesting look and the model on a platform that doesn’t want to give up their positions in the fashion marathon. Platform often does not look quite traditional. For example, divided into 2 conditional parts — the toe and heel. Platform visually elongates the legs, makes the figure more graceful.

Many of the models look pretty simple. Appearance compensate high-quality materials and execution, as well as the original decor. Often used elements of weaving, ethnic. The brighter the clothing, the easier and safer of her sandals shades.

Dressy sandals

They run on the heels of a wide range of configurations: traditional pin, angular, curved. Changed the trend up or down. The upper part of the sandals can be plain, from pastel skin tone. But the heel and sole bloom with bright colors. That is, the heel becomes the main expressive detail.

In fashion is still a cork platform or trimmed with braided cord. For an evening look there is an interesting model Golden or silver color on a chunky heel.

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