Новые подробности предстоящих крестин сына Меган Маркл и принца Гарри

With the advent of the Royal family of Meghan Markle Prince Harry had to break not one Protocol. This time to break the rules of the Royal couple and decided on the christening of his son Archie.

As reported by insiders, the baptism of the son of Megan and Harry will be held in private. This means that the press will not be admitted to the event. Traditional photo on the street in the day of the christening will not be. Despite this, fans of the Dukes will still be able to see Archie, but only a few days after the ordinances in the official account of Megan and Harry on instagram.

Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton, which do not conceal the lives of children, Megan and Harry tried his best to hide Archie from the public. Insiders report that all is due to the fact that the couple just wants the life of Archie remained private. “Privacy is very important to Harry. Since Archie is not the title of His Royal Highness, he believes that he has every right to strictly control the privacy of your son,” said the insider.

The ceremony will be held on 6 July (baby on this day, just turned two months) at St George’s chapel at Windsor castle — it was there that the couple married in 2018 and there baptized of Prince Harry in 1984. But who will become the godfather of the child, not yet reported. But among the main candidates called cousin Prince Harry, Princess Eugene.

The birth of a son to Megan and Harry also passed with no details. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussexsee very grateful for the good wishes they receive from people from all over England and from all over the world. Their Royal Highnesses decided to keep the plans for the birth of their baby a secret. The Duke and Duchess look forward to the opportunity to share exciting news with everyone, as long as they want to celebrate the birth of a baby in a narrow circle”.

Putting it all together: the couple did not pose for photographers on the steps outside the hospital. Megan didn’t want to follow tradition and give birth in the hospital was not going.

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