Победившая рак звезда «ДОМа-2» Елена Степунина: «Я ушла от мужа» Two years ago ex-member of reality show married a few months later gave birth to her son Matthew. In April 2017 at Elena Stepunina was diagnosed with cancer. Now, the TV star completed a course of treatment and achieved remission. And after recovery, decided to divorce her husband.
Победившая рак звезда «ДОМа-2» Елена Степунина: «Я ушла от мужа»

The former participant “Houses-2” Elena Stepunina was able to overcome cancer, but to preserve the relationship with your husband – no. When the young mother was diagnosed with large-cell carcinoma and lymphoma of the fourth degree, it seemed, her life is doomed. Despite unfavorable forecasts, Stepunina managed to achieve remission.

Then reality forces the heroine gave a small son and husband Vladimir. However, as reported by Elena herself, they are no longer together.

“I have no problem. We are long gone, now just friends. There are no conflicts,” said Stepunina “StarHit”.

Elena Stepunina she left the wife, tired of the family life with him.

“I am the rules, if something doesn’t suit you, leave. And it is logical. We don’t live in the Soviet Union, where everything is tolerated,” admitted Elena.

Recall that husband and ex-member of the famous electroni met long before it appeared on “Dom-2”. Vladimir younger than her by two years. “At first we were just friends, and then I realized that I had fallen in love. Enchanting to the history we have. He had long wanted to marry me, but I immediately agreed. To me marriage never meant, and so lived together,” recalled Elena.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Elena Stepunina: “many due to cancer leave men”

Now in first place at Stepunina own health and her little boy Matthew. So, the TV star is now hard knocks extra pounds – she switched to proper nutrition. Her diet now consists of cereal, fruit and meat, steamed.

According to Elena, of course, sometimes there are frustrations. But the first results of a diet can already be seen by the naked eye.