Избивший Летучую на съемках «Ревизорро» получил два года

Ten months ago, the incident resulted in the operator of the TV show was in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, and host of the program was recovering from a nervous breakdown.

The attack in the cafe “Victoria” city of Salekhard happened almost a year ago, but the members of the crew of the program “Revizorro” I remember it like it happened yesterday. Of course! As a result of fighting that began after the attack by the staff of the cafe, reporters for a long time to improve health. The operator of the popular show Valentin Gerasimov was in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, and the leading presenter was treated for a nervous breakdown.

The incident occurred August 8, 2015. On that day, the test of “Revizorro” descended in Salekhard cafe “Victoria”. Flying barely started checking out how close were employees of the institution. First they tried to justify himself, then began to ask not to judge them too harshly, and then started to show irritation about what is happening.

When the film crew appeared on the porch of a cafe, a scuffle ensued, developed into a fight. The presenter was forced to flee, but her statement to avoid the attacks from the attackers failed.

Immediately after the incident, the journalists appealed to law enforcement agencies. The result Fosbury a criminal case for “obstruction of the lawful professional activities of journalists from violence”. The staff of S. K. was questioned 12 witnesses, and spent seven confrontations, judicial-medical examination. And on June 3, finally, held the final hearing on the case. In the end, managing cafe “Victoria” Narziev sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally, the owner of the cafe Arndt and employee of the institution Ashurov received respectively one and a half years and six months imprisonment.

“I am very pleased that the government finally came to the defense of journalists that the criminals have managed to escape punishment, they do not get away with the attack on a film crew, commented the verdict the presenter portal Woman’s Day. — I believe that good always wins and evil must be punished!”.

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