Maria Kozhevnikova planned office romance

У Марии Кожевникова намечается служебный роман

The shooting of the series c actress and member in the lead role will be held in St. Petersburg.

The main male role in a new project under the working title “eats, pardon” will be performed by Alexander Ustyugov, star of TV series “COP war”. But the female leading role (in the story of the heroes bind the strong sense) yet either.

У Марии Кожевникова намечается служебный роман
Alexander Ustyugov

У Марии Кожевникова намечается служебный роман
Maria Kozhevnikova

This stems from work in the state Duma, recall that Kozhevnikova – the acting Deputy of the lower house of the Russian Parliament. But in the series Mary called, and the script she liked.

“Yes, I received such an offer, and I am very pleased that in Russia and in St. Petersburg begin to take projects on that level. It all depends on my work in the state Duma, the project very interesting” – commented the actress.

Alexander Ustyugov in this plan easier: at the moment he is being removed in Petersburg, in another, highly publicized project “Twenty-eight Panfilovtsev”. It is known that for the creation of this painting called the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, so the role of the red army-one of the Panfilov heroes Ivan Moskalenko, probably, will become the new rise of Ustyugov in his career However, and the series with Kozhevnikova, if it works, should not be discounted.

Action ribbon will unfold in the difficult postwar period, just after the great Patriotic war. Part of the material, the creators suggest to shoot in the halls, some on nature, so modern, plastered with advertising Petersburg will play the role of harsh roleblocking of Leningrad.

Interestingly, one of the most prominent roles Kozhevnikova is also directly connected with St. Petersburg, because it is here, in the Northern capital, the film “the Battalion”, for which Maria, at that time pregnant with her second child, lost their beautiful hair.

On the screens “Battalion” with Kozhevnikova in the title role, was released in February of last year, and a few days before the actress gave birth to her second son, Maxim. He appeared a year after the birth of her first child – Ivan. Mary gave birth to both boys in marriage with businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev.

Happy in my personal life and Alexander Ustyugov: after a tragic divorce with actress Yanina Sokolovskaya actor fairly quickly played a new wedding with the businessman’s daughter Anna Ozar. Young couple honeymoon spent in Paris.

So Roman characters prescribed in the plot of the new series, is unlikely to turn into a close relationship Ustyugov and Kozhevnikova behind the scenes. Both he and she have already found their happiness in marriage.

And Yes I agree Maria on the shooting in St. Petersburg, away from her husband and sons? Suffice it to recall that recently, the actress refused from filming in the other St. Petersburg the film “Corridor of immortality”, referring to employment.

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