Sergei Shnurov twisted blonde in the form

Сергея Шнурова скрутила блондинка в форме

The controversial rocker, who now travels the country on tour, was again in the thick of things.

The Cord and his team every day, the sensation. Yesterday the group gave a concert in Krasnoyarsk. And today on the website of the Sergei Shnurov appeared in Instagram photo: at the airport, he famously grabbed the hand of a beautiful representative of the law in uniform and with a gun on his belt. By the way, the Cord in this case was dressed in a white shirt, gray suit, and the neck adorned with an elegant scarf (that you don’t tank top with shorts, in which he came on the scene the day before). In addition, on the faces of the participants of the incident – smile. Under the image is the caption: “Krasnoyarsk, thanks for the welcome! Hurrah!” Very confused…

For the first 20 minutes, the photo gained 20 thousand likes, now has about 60. Three hundred reviews has not made clear. They people are mostly jealous and blond stranger, and the Cord.

“And you, Serge, I’m not stupid, a woman.” – admire the fans. But that still did artist? Remained a mystery…

By the way, the buzz at last night’s concert was incredible: listen to the famous song about louboutins came more than 3 thousand spectators! The singer remained true to himself and all 3 hours, which lasted performance, pleasing hall jokes. For example, explained why during the show it all the time photographed and filmed.

— The concert wasn’t watching nobody. And you know why? I can not remember! No memory. Over, ” explained the singer. — Here girls – well done, remember me? My name is Sergey, if that. Serge from St. Petersburg.

And even stated that his songs have an educational mission, because thanks to them the people learned, for example, who are van Gogh and Omar Khayyam.

But thanks to the group “Leningrad” people find out and other words. As you know, the singer uses in the songs Mat and that is. The mayor of Novosibirsk, where the rocker should act today, even an official warning to the singer was sent to this concert was removed from the texts of profanity. However, the Cord already told that this is not going to. And perhaps today’s picture in Instagram wanted to show that there are no problems with the rule of law did not disappoint.

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