Баста похудел на 10 килограммов
The rapper boasted results of work in the gym

Баста похудел на 10 килограммов


Photo: Instagram

38-year-old rapper Busta (real name — Vasily Vakulenko) a few months ago
set a goal: to lose 15 pounds. The musician, who previously indulged in
a good juicy Burger, now eat right and also to the point of exhaustion
be in the gym.

Now Bob showed the result of diet and heavy training.
Basta has published in Instagram photo on which poses naked to the waist. “More
5 pounds to throw and disappoint!” — signed frame artist.

I wonder what the wife Basta Elena Vakulenko also decided
to fight with excess weight. In Instagram
she told me that her husband is a laborer and is watching her diet too.

“As you can see, now my husband on the sport, so I also
remains options, — says Elena. — And I, as luck would have it, it is not
I want to do, and drawn to sweets and biscuits. Life is pain! But it’s time to take
for themselves. And then, looking at some of the pictures members have “credited” me

Elena admits that they are willing to take any peaks under
the leadership of the husband. It is her example not only in sport, but
and, for example, in the education of their two wonderful daughters.

“He does dad-holiday — shared Lena with Tatler. Night
puts girls to sleep and not cook the morning porridge, but when I have time, maybe
thirty minutes to rave about them, so that they a month then I remember. Or take
one with me in the Studio, and she’ll come smeared, eating God knows what and
very happy. And the other to buy a Chanel pouch with three lipsticks
bright red color, because the mother allegedly said that the only permits such
color to paint the lips, and the Pope supposedly believed. No discipline, but I learned
to look at it philosophically”.

Basta with his wife Helen and daughters Mary and Vasilis

Photo: Instagram