Lia Akhedzhakova booed by the audience

Лию Ахеджакову освистали зрители
The actress spoke about the difficult stage in life.

Liya Akhedzhakova

It is impossible to believe that the people’s favorite, Liya Akhedzhakova in
one time experienced a lot of unpleasant moments for the audience. Actress
booed, and once even almost got beaten, waylaid after the show
held in the theater “Contemporary”.

About it the actress said in the program “culture shock”. Star
Soviet cinema is at the theater “Contemporary” more than forty years. However, it
first big role in theatre in the play “Apartment Columbine” Director Roman
Viktyuk turned into a scandal. “Half of the audience booed, the audience clapped
chairs, shouting “shame” and then left. The second half remained. I tried
for the scene to escape, but. every time pushed, and I walked again. We with Garik
Leontiev played with the whistle, when shouting! And it was on Easter. I went with the service
the entrance, and there was a crowd. I said, “aren’t you ashamed? You are so
the beautiful actress. How can you play?” — admitted Leah Medzhidovna.

The artist believes that the audience are unable to accept and understand the meaning,
which has invested in the play the author Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, talking about the relationship
between men and women and ideas about love and marriage. Despite this,
the actress has no regrets about such a reaction, because with that setting
began a new page in the Soviet theatre.

“It’s been four or three seasons, and started all hands on deck, this
the play it was impossible to get. But at the time, I still remember that we played
“The wall” Sasha, Galina, I left the hall, and I almost nailed the audience. I
later came out after about thirty minutes. Caught me. It was a patronage
play. Not beaten, but got it! Someone all the time was tugging at me. You know, I
barely escaped the stage. And also whistled, whistled,” recalls Akhedzhakova.