Дочка Клинта Иствуда ждет сына!
It became known who is the father of the grandchild of the legendary actor.

Дочка Клинта Иствуда ждет сына!

Clint Eastwood


Francesca Eastwood and Alexander Wraith


24-year-old actress Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood and his ex
common-law partner Frances Fisher, will soon give birth to her first child — a boy.

It will be
not the first grandson of Clint, who, besides Francesca, there are seven children
from his two ex-wives and numerous mistresses. Daughter
Kimber — girlfriend Roxanne Tunis, son Kyle and daughter Alison — from the first spurge
Clint — Maggie Johnson, son Scott and daughter Katherine from his mistress Geslin
Reeves, and daughter Morgan by his wife
number two is Dina Ruiz. However, Eastwood is extremely excited about
the completion of his huge family. 88-year-old Clint loves to interact with
their pre-adult children, and grandchildren.

The news
the fact that Francesca is pregnant, in may this year. Then, coming to the ceremony Media Association Awards
Los Angeles, the actress appeared on the stage to receive her awarded prize
in a slinky dress, leaving no doubt that she is in
position. In his acceptance speech Francesca confirmed that
really expecting a baby.

Then it was still unknown who the father of the future baby. In the past
Francesca has already managed to be married: her husband was the brother of actor Jonah
Hill — Jordan Feldstein. However their marriage proved short-lived — he was
cancelled only a few weeks after the wedding. Now turned out from
who is expecting a baby Francesca. The father of her unborn son was the boyfriend of actress —
Alexander Wraith, with whom she previously did not advertise.