Basta has made an unusual gift to his hometown

Баста сделал необычный подарок родному городу
The voice of the rapper sounds in the most popular Navigator in the country.

Basta got his own show “the Voice”

Photo: the First channel

Rapper Basta, he’s a musician Vasily Vakulenko, for many years, lives and works in Moscow, but his roots are not forgotten. If any convenient (and not convenient) case that’s reminiscent of that he is from Rostov-on-don. He has been here for concerts and participates actively in public life of the city (of course, in its cultural direction).

15, 16 and 17 September in the Rostov celebrates the city — 268 years since, as by decree of Imperatrice Elizabeth at the mouth of the river Temernik was established custom. The status of the city of Rostov was only in 1807. This was ordered by Emperor Alexander the First. So, we can say that the city of Rostov-on-don this year anniversary!

In honor of this momentous occasion, Basta together with one known company has prepared a surprise for residents of Rostov. Rapper was another speaker in the popular Pathfinder. Now to find a way to the desired point can be at the behest of Vasily Vakulenko. So now fans of the singer can change the already rather bored voice Fyodor Bondarchuk, Vasily Utkin or Optimus Prime.

“Respect those around you! Those who are far away — thank you! With you the same Bob from Rostov!” — is the greeting of the rapper in the program.

By the way, to choose a speaker Joe from Rostov can not only Rostov, but also inhabitants of all other regions of the Russian Federation. In General, wherever supported by the program Navigator.