After the scandal Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina the Alliance was sealed with tattoos

После скандала Стас и Юлия Костюшкины скрепили союз татуировками
The star couple made new drawings on the body.

Photo: Instagram

Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina are examples of spouses who are always on the same wavelength. They rest together, work, raise children, play sports, ride motorcycle, joke, laugh and so on. It seems that to break them is simply impossible. Even if they greatly hurt the haters, Kostyushkina calmly explain to them that those are wrong, or even shoot a response video, in which osmeivaya other people’s opinion.

More surprising was that Julia did not comment on the fact that Stas in front of the entire country decided to see if natural Breasts Anna Semenovich. Fans were looking forward to that Julia, as always, is a joke, too, or have someone else to check. But no. She ignored it live online, although usually writes about everything that happens in her life.

“Really a scandal?” — surprised the fans.

Anyway, today once again all fell into place. Even if the couple quarreled because of the courage of Stas in the broadcast channel MUZ TV, now they got well again. And in proof of their new tattoos that they have done in one day.

Julia had filled his Family the word that in English means “family” (thus stressing that it is important to her). Stas in a new pattern woven words: “Love, drive, dance,” which translates as “Love, drive, dance.” So Kostyushkina in the first place, too, is not a job but a love.