Башаров прокомментировал скандальное разоблачение «Битвы экстрасенсов»
Michael Porechenkov has admitted that the show is staged.

Mikhail Porechenkov


Mikhail Porechenkov upset army fans of the show “Battle of psychics.” The actor, who starred on seven seasons of the program as a master, confirmed the long going rumors about the plausibility of what is happening on the set. According to Michael, “the Battle of psychics” — a stage show!

“I with them worked. Kalda-the bulldozer, I say. All lies! Yes, totally. What is there not to disclose? Truth be told. I all upset?” he said the radio station “Nashe radio”.

Recognition Porechenkov produced the effect of bombs, because the viewers watched the competition participants with psychic abilities in the past 17 seasons! The show formed a huge army of fans who firmly believed that everything shown in the program is true. Marat Basharov, who replaced at the post Porechenkova leading “the battle of psychics”, not left said his colleague’s words no attention. However, categorically to deny the statement of Mikhail did not.

“I don’t know why he says it. If you think that those tears of the people that are in the frame, tears of joy or sorrow, – all this is staged, everything is played, it means that the program involves very good actors. Actually, I’m in my 42 years have learned to distinguish the sincere joy, the regret or grief of the people from the fake. If anyone thinks that this is not true, let them believe!” quotes of Marat NSN.