Gosha Kutsenko is working with Broadway Directors

Гоша Куценко работает с бродвейскими режиссерами
The actor involved in the modern version of “Romeo and Juliet”

Гоша Куценко работает с бродвейскими режиссерами

Gosha Kutsenko in the musical “Pola Negri”

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Actor and singer Gosha Kutsenko will take part in the musical “Romeo and Juliet”, which put together the Russian and the Broadway team. A new production of this 3D the musical show “JUMEAU”. Its name is composed of the shortened names of Shakespeare’s characters. And the characters exist in an infinite reality computer which implements all the earth clan Capuleti and in which there are no wars, no feelings, no love. Only Romeo and a small group of hackers ready to compete for a real life, full of emotion, drama and happiness.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

The idea of such co-production emerged when the American producers arrived in Moscow, saw in the Russian capital of 3D musical “Pola Negri”. And now “LET SHOW PRODUCTION” and “Harold Prince Organization” start working on “the saddest story in the world”.

The Director and choreographer in “JUMEAU” — Broadway masters, libretto group-writing of American authors and Alexey Kortnev, and composers Eugene
Zagot and Artur baido — the Russians.

By the way, the Director of the musical Daniel kutner, who is now also preparing “Evita” and the new version of the phantom of the Opera world tour, admits that “I would gladly have lived and worked in
Russia to continue, because here I work much easier. Your actors are not
I look at the clock and willing to work though all day!” This is confirmed by the choreographer “JUMEAU” Warren Adams, which, incidentally, is the holder of the theatrical awards “Tony” and awards of Rudolf Nureyev.

3D premiere of the musical show “JUMEAU” will be held at the theater “Russian song” of Nadezhda Babkina, which will install a huge screen area
144 square meter, laser curtain from 280 sources, equipment for circus tricks and drainage system for a real rain.