Daughter of Michael Jackson has admitted that Zac Efron broke her heart

Дочь Майкла Джексона призналась, что Зак Эфрон разбил ей сердце

The daughter of the king of the pop scene of Michael Jackson Paris Jackson gradually introduces into show business. The girl, who recently signed a contract with one of the most respected modeling agencies, first became a guest of the programme The Tonight Show on NBC, where he gave a Frank interview. Of course, not without questions about the main man in the life of Paris – her father. But in addition to that, the host talked to Jackson about Zach Efron – the actor, the man she was in love.

The girl confessed that from a very early age wanted to be on the show High School Musical Live, where she was told, singing Hollywood hunk, but when she managed to get to the presentation, it was revealed that Efron starred in the movie “Roller Derby”, and therefore it will not. “I cried so hard! I felt that my heart is just broken this news,” said Paris.

To draw the attention of Efron girls still managed. Knowing that he disappointed the daughter of Michael Jackson, Zach admitted that he regrets the situation and hopes to meet Paris at the premiere of her new film “Baywatch” where he starred with Dwayne Johnson. Note that the premiere will take place very soon.

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