Бари Алибасов расстался с молодой женой после измены The wife of the producer admitted that had the baby not him. Bari Alibasov continues to maintain good relations with Victoria Maximova, but to live on the same property had betrayed him a woman he is not ready. The marriage of the artist with his assistant, which is forty years younger than him, lasted only three years.

      Бари Алибасов расстался с молодой женой после измены

      A sensational statement about his marital status, the producer of one of the most popular bands of the country, the group “on-On” Bari Alibasov have done on the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov.

      Bari Karimovich first told that not so long ago left his young wife, played a magnificent wedding in the summer of 2013. Victoria Maksimova worked as an associate producer and then became his wife. The younger woman Alibasov for forty years. She’s only 30, and he was in the summer of this year will be seventy.

      Voiced Bari Alibasov and the reason why he decided to leave a young beautiful wife. Bari Alibasov has become a father for the second time

      Бари Алибасов расстался с молодой женой после измены“We broke up when Vika gave birth to a son Vanya. The child is not mine. It was obvious. Of course I didn’t put my wife up against the wall, saying, tell the truth. I just told her that the heir I don’t like. And she admitted that the father of the child by another man”, – said the famous producer.

      Apparently, the Frank acknowledgment of the wife was very upset producer. He did not break copies, and just moved from Victoria to another apartment. “The fact that I’m pretty easy to relate to the adultery of their wives, explained Alibasov. – Easily relate to what my wife, just as I freely behave in sexual life”.

      Bari and Victoria separated, but the divorce was issued. Small van Alibasov did not give his name. “The child is not recorded on me,” said the producer. Despite such an awkward situation in this pair, the former spouses continue to communicate.

      “I have a great relationship with Victoria – continued Bari Karimovich. Once we were tied by the extraordinary feelings, which are now preserved only in part”.

      It should be noted that the marriage of the producer with his assistant became the sixth official biography Alibasov. For Maximova it was the first experience of family life.

      However, against the official marriage was made by the son of producer – a 30-year Bari Alibasov Jr. He claimed that the girl had an affair with his father only for the money and hoping for promotion as a singer.