Антон Гусев: «У меня даже мыслей нет, чтобы вернуться к Жене» A former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” is resting with his son and new wife Victoria romanet in the UAE. Couple having fun. Young people share the most bright impressions from holidays. However, the man was very confused by the words ex-wife, who said “StarHit” that he will part with his beloved, and tries to be with her.

      Anton Gusev and Evgeny Feofilaktova divorced in December last year. However, they had to maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of son Daniel. Eks-participants “Houses-2” to the last did not want to advertise the conflict in the family, but when it was already impossible to hide, told in microblogs. After parting with Eugene Anton did not stay one. The young man flashed a whirlwind romance with Victoria romanet. According to love, the case goes to the wedding.

      Eugene Feofilaktova: “I Fear Anton will leave Victoria and come back to me”

      By the way, in the account Gusev keeps popping shots with the new darling. He publicly recognized senses and not going to hide from the public. The first time fans had doubts about the seriousness of Anton, but it surely proves the opposite. At the moment the pair is resting in the United Arab Emirates. With Anton and Vika at sea went Daniel. The boy’s mother had allowed the ex-husband to spend the holidays with my son. Eugene said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the ex-husband can still re-try to get back to her. Anton however takes a different position.

      “If I wanted, I would do anything to get Eugene. I would sell the car to coddle her, doing everything to restore relations. But I’m not going to do that – I now have a great relationship with Vika, I’m happy. I have no thoughts to return to his Wife! I think she makes such statements to annoy, to provoke, to prick. When we first broke up, I thought no one will never love, she was the one for me” – said Gusev.

      Anton is convinced that the words of Eugene should not be taken literally. It seems that the former spouse will be able to build a relationship with another man. According to Gusev, he gave her the whole business of selling clothes. Anton says that they managed to communicate. Admitted as a young man, he does not spread gossip about her and keeps a low profile. Before leaving on vacation Gusev promised my Wife not to let excess in the presence of the son.

      “She is not cuddling with her son, I don’t want to see Daniel. I’ll pay child support, but now I stopped to pay the babysitter. When the son with me, I still have time – and wash his clothes, I don’t think it is shameful, he always wears a clean, always fed, we walk a lot, swim. Vick surprised by my attitude, but I tell her that if we had a baby, she’ll understand how nice it is to take care of his heir. I want the boy involved in sports and on his return to Moscow, I will agree with her that she allowed the child to study English, to go to the teacher. For all the time that we are in Dubai, Daniel asks where mom is, he doesn’t.”, – said “StarHit” Anton Gusev.

      Former member of telestroke noted that after breaking up with Eugenia, his life began to improve. He spends a lot of time for love, resting together with his son and arranges exciting weekend. It seems ridiculous Feofilaktova about returning to her. Gusev does not hide that was finally able to feel loved and important.

      “With Vic, I again smile, happy. After parting with her in front of me as if cleared all the way: I met wonderful people, I’m good. With Vika we strive to improve our lives. Yes, Zhenya was also a common goal, but we were so carried away that did not have enough time to communicate with each other. And with Vick we’re kindred spirits, besides being committed to common goals”, – said Gusev.