Sarradin Rzayev about Donald trump: “put It temporarily”

Зиррадин Рзаев о Дональде Трампе: «Его поставили временно» January 20, the White house hosted the inauguration of the new President of the United States. However, this event was marred by several scandals that have unfolded across the country. In new York held a rally, which was attended by stars of show-business. The protest was attended by the mayor of the city. Psychic Sarradin Rzayev gave his interpretation of what is happening in America and how the fate of this country under the present head.

      Donald trump officially took the post of President of the United States. With the inauguration of the new President closely watched the world media. The ceremony is traditionally held in the White house, where a man along with his wife Melania met Barack and Michelle Obama. They exchanged pleasantries and made a joint photo before the new President addressed the gathering with his speech.

      Hollywood stars took to the streets with slogans against Donald trump

      By the way, shortly before the official ceremony in several cities of America, there were mass protests against Donald trump. People have criticized about his views and plans which it plans to implement as President. The most notable meeting took place in new York city near the building “trump tower”, which was attended by stars of the first magnitude. Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, cher, Julianne Moore, Sally field, Rosie Perez, Cynthia Nixon, mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, mayor bill De Blasio and other celebrities chanted slogans in support of Clinton, condemning the program trump.

      25 thousand people who gathered in new York urged the country’s leadership to reconsider the election results and even recognize them invalid. People don’t hide the fact that openly oppose the new President of the United States. They think that the head of state is not ready to take responsibility for the whole country.

      Former member of “Battle of psychics” Sarrazin Rzayev confirms the thoughts of the radical people of America and believes that the arrival of trump to power will have its consequences. The specialist says that you should not see the businessman of the Savior, who will save you from the trouble that is looming over the country and other States. It seems that the Western world is not destined to agree with the Eastern countries on various issues. From the United States, according to Rzayeva, comes real evil.

      “With all my heart I can feel coming from the West evil and aggression. According to the philosophy, religion, Feng Shui, there are two types of energy: clean and negative, God and Devil, good and evil, day and night, etc. If you compare our planet with energy, the negative part of it falls on the West. The nest of the Devil are concentrated there. Therefore, the West will never meet East”, – said the psychic.

      Forecasts Serrazina bleak. He believes that Donald Trump will not be able to change the situation for the better. On the contrary, the man believes that he will only aggravate the situation. America’s new President, according to Rzayeva, will only continue the previous heads of state. The psychic also warned in his predictions that Americans will build new military bases, and replaced the billionaire will come another influential politician. The fate of Donald trump will develop suddenly.

      “Most people think of tramp – peace and quiet President. But I can assure you it is not. It was placed temporarily under his authority will be created new projects and plans. When the US sells them, a place trump is a “bad President” shared his opinion Sarradin Rzayev.

      The psychic also said that the next few years promise to be extremely dangerous for the inhabitants of the planet. Apparently, the world expected a whole series of global cataclysms, which will hurt a lot of people.

      “The 2018 and 2019 years in America will awaken a giant volcano, and it will be all a nightmare. As if the earth itself declare war on the world. 2017 and 2018 – years earthquake and tsunami. Including see disasters in the Philippines, Thailand and India,” said Sarrazin.