Tatiana Vasilieva has made the daughter-in-law an expensive gift

Татьяна Васильева сделала невестке дорогой подарок The famous actress loves to indulge in every way and second wife son Philip. Tatyana Vasilyeva congratulated Mary Bolonkina Vasiliev happy birthday, which she celebrates on Saturday, January 21. The daughter thanked the mother of the spouse for the luxury gift, noting that she has the best mother-in-law.

      And the theatrical elite, and fans know what a warm relationship existed between the stars of the stage and the movies Tatyana Vasilyeva with her young daughter-in-law, actress Mary Blankenau. Another proof of the location of the famous mother-in-law to the second wife of his son Philip became a magnificent gift to the people’s artist on the occasion of the birthday of Mary. Daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva January 21 to 27 years old. The gift was presented in advance, perhaps on this day, Vasilyev could not congratulate Maria Bolonkina because of its chronic employment and constant touring. So the actress took care of the gift ahead of time. They became antique wardrobe, the facades of which are decorated with carvings. Antique furniture perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment Maria Bononcini and Philip Vasiliev.

      Daughter-in-law star was pleased with the attention and on the eve of mother-in-law hurried to tell of the gift on Twitter, posting a picture of the closet and post with the hashtag #lucasvarity.

      “Thing!” “Oh, what chic”, “Cool!” – evaluated new piece of furniture members Maria Bononcini.

      It is worth noting that the actress is the second wife of the son of Tatiana Vasilyeva Philip. The first, by Anastasia Begunova, the mother of his two sons, the man broke up. As reported in the press, the cause of the rupture was cheating Begunova. It is known that the relations Vasilyeva with the first daughter-in-law were very strained. After the divorce, estranged daughter-in-law was blackmailing mother in law, demanding for the meeting of the artist with his grandchildren the money. Tatiana Vasilyev stole hundreds of thousands of euros

      But now Tatyana Vasilyeva and the wife of his son full understanding. Maria Bolonkina managed to make friends with her mother in law. Star Granny pleases and the fact that her only granddaughter Myrrh, which gave her son and a young daughter, growing her a copy.

      Tatiana Vasilieva tries to make her children and grandchildren in anything they need. According to the artist, she is ready to work as much as you can, because he lives for the sake of the heirs. She does not consider herself an ideal mother, as spent very little time on Philip and Lisa when they were growing up. Now she often call their children and see grandchildren.

      “I’m sick fear, for example. Not even because I was afraid of the pain, no. I’m afraid of what can not work. I don’t want anyone to be a burden, don’t want me someone cared. No! I used that on my hands. I one, I’ve never been able to count,” said the actress in an interview.