Варвара отказалась разлучать семью The singer offered to “adopt” a baby elephant. Singer Barbara decided he should stay with her mother. The actress agreed that she would regularly send photos of the animal.

      Варвара отказалась разлучать семью

      Some celebrities allow themselves to have animals that used to live only in the wild. Honored artist of Russia singer Barbara not so long ago vacationing abroad. Her fans she told us about a new pet. A few days ago, ethno-diva returned from the shores of the island of Phuket, where local environmentalists have offered the actress to adopt a baby elephant.

      Singer this proposal is very surprised. She did not expect such a Grand gesture on the part of those who care about the animal. However, to become a full-fledged mistress Barbara small elephant has not risked. This is due, primarily, risks during transportation. For singer the most important thing was that the animal felt good and lived in a familiar environment. That is why Varvara at once made a reservation that will not be transporting the animal in Russia due to the climate of our country.

      “No, in any case. The baby elephant will stay in Thailand with my biological mom. The flights to Russia could cost him his life, it is a great stress for the animal,” said Barbara.

      During my stay in Thailand a little elephant gave Barbara and her husband made a lot of positive emotions. Husband of the artist even invented a nickname for the animal.

      “He is very gentle and kind. The elephant allowed himself to stroke, treat with bananas, and my husband Michael has offered to christen the future giant of the Savannah by Funtik” – said Varvara.

      I must say that the artist became very attached to the animal and it was hard for her to survive the separation from him. A way out of this situation was found rather quickly – came to the rescue of modern technology.

      “We have agreed that I will regularly send photos of Funtik. For us it is very important to the baby elephant intensively fed until they reached the size of an adult specimen. Later, he is released into nature,” commented the singer.

      It is interesting to note that the artist has always been famous for the strict treatment of animals. In the Taiga Barbara and her husband Michael have created a small ecological farm, where feed wild boar, elk, lynx, bears, raccoons and other representatives of local fauna. A few years ago, the artist together with the WWF adopt an Amur tiger.


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