Дочери отвернулись от Кейтлин Дженнер

The reverse side of fame. Caitlin Jenner today, perhaps the most famous female transgender. Former U.S. Olympian in November last year was recognized as “Woman of the year” by the edition “Glamour”. And all would be well, if in a new life, like a kaleidoscope, was attended by the closest people.

“It’s so disgusting. When Kate was going through body transformation and all media attention was focused on her, all the relatives were there, as mussels on the bottom of the ship, but when it subsided – they was not” — said the insider. According to him, the youngest daughter Kaitlin, who were once his friends, almost no contact with him unless it is in their interest. The same applies to the remaining children of the former athlete.
“It’s all the machinations of Kim and Chris, because of them Kylie and Kendall don’t want to see my father. That is so cruel of them. Kaitlin is now very hurt and lonely. She suffers and misses her children” — said the insider.
Recall that the fame and popularity of Caitlin nearly eclipsed the success of the reality program “Life with Kardashian”. Then Kris accused her former husband of cruelty and the PR on the rest of the family. So insults Generou equivalent.

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