Егор Кончаловский отсудил у коллеги 300 тысяч рублей The Director filed a lawsuit on violation of exclusive rights. Despite the fact that Egor Konchalovsky won the case, money from the defendant while he never received.

      Егор Кончаловский отсудил у коллеги 300 тысяч рублей

      Konchalovsky has filed a lawsuit on violation of exclusive rights in the winter of last year. Recently Izmailovsky district court ruled that an aspiring filmmaker Mikhail Dovzhenko intended to compensate the Director 200 thousand rubles for illegal use of his image in the movie “the shredder” and 100 thousand for moral damage.

      The fact is that, when Yegor has agreed to star in the project, that was presented to him as an Amateur movie. Subsequently, the same picture was shown at major film festivals, and pictures Konchalovsky, who played the role of the second plan, the whole decorated promotional products – CDs, posters.

      “The amount here is not important, it’s a matter of principle, says “StarHit” Egor Andreevich. – First, Mikhail Dovzhenko’s just a partier. When we worked, I thought: well, the guy trains. Maybe will go to the film Institute, though the series will be to remove. Secondly, why would I work for free. Don’t remember how we discussed the issue of money, but the fee I paid. But nothing I play in a questionable film is not necessary. Sometimes, catches the idea, the talent, a good attitude, but not this time. It was funny when in court the man began to speak, saying, Yegor Konchalovsky is not an actor and is generally unknown to people. I never not claimed that the actor – even the camera I’m afraid. Question: “Why is it that he actually filmed me?!”

      Егор Кончаловский отсудил у коллеги 300 тысяч рублей

      After the trial, communication Konchalovsky and Dovzhenko did not stop. “Now I night napisyvat hurtful text messages, smiles Egor. – I still collect them, then you can decide what to do with them”. Lawyer Konchalovsky Maria Leonova said “Starite” that while funds from Dovzhenko was received.

      “It’s a matter of time, there is a judgment, there are police officers – said Leonov. – Draw attention to the film due to the recognition and status of my client violates the legal rights of Egor Andreevich. Michael had repeatedly requested to resolve the situation in the pretrial order, but he expressed the desire to enter the negotiations. And in the process, our opponent did not skimp on the “bold” words on the Internet. Another question, how do we proceed with this in the future, as published articles defame the name, honor and reputation of my client”.

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