Baranovskaya said the children love Arshavin

Барановская рассказала, как дети любят Аршавина Despite the fact that the leading star Union, and the athlete collapsed, the children are still very sensitive to the father. Sons and daughter know that their dad cares though and rarely pays them. The education of the heirs of the engaged Julia.

      Барановская рассказала, как дети любят Аршавина

      The television star Julia Baranovskaya proved to many women that divorce is not the end of life. Three years ago, she broke up with Andrey Arshavin. The athlete left a wife with three children and in a foreign country. Baranovskaya was very tough. On it lay the education of Artem, Yana and Arseny. The woman struggled to keep the family together, but she failed. The player did nothing to restore the relationship with his ex-wife nor children.

      Yulia Baranovskaya managed to find the strength to start a new life. Now she works as TV presenter and sometimes removed for advertising campaigns of well-known designers. The ex-wife of athlete even wrote a book about the history of relations with Andrew. In an interview, the star told how now is the communion of the father with three heirs.

      “The kids love dad. But they’ve been through too much over the past few years and have learned to treat everything philosophically. On Andrew don’t be offended, I know that he loves them too, but in life there are different situations and love is manifested in different ways. I, for example, are very strict, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like them,” said Julia.

      According to the presenter, sons and daughter are comfortable with the times when it had no energy to play with them. “Our kids understand everything correctly, because they are very busy. They have no time to be discouraged about the fact that daddy is not coming and not calling. Probably, you can even write text messages,” explained Julia edition “Collection caravan of stories”.

      Children of the stars grow bright. Son Artem engaged in a drama school, he even participated as a presenter on the Christmas tree in Moscow. Daughter Jana is a very athletic girl. She wanted to do gymnastics, but didn’t fit there type figures, in the end Julia gave the child to the dance. Yana is one of the participants of “Todes”. The younger son Arseny has a special charm and like all the others, not applying to this effort. Baranovskaya tries to spend all free time with children: her pages in social networks filled with joyful pictures in the company of kids. For example, Julia daily proves to be not only beautiful and successful woman, but also a caring mother with many.

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