Maria Maksakova became a mother of many

Мария Максакова стала многодетной мамой The singer was born a son. For Maria Maksakova is the third child. The artist and her newborn baby are doing fine. Happy take parents many congratulations.

      Мария Максакова стала многодетной мамой

      Today, the Opera diva Maria Maksakova and her husband, state Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov, charming heir was born. The actress gave her husband a son. For a couple it was a long-awaited child – his birth was eagerly awaited both parents and numerous relatives. Despite the fact that the baby was just born, Mary and Denis had already decided how to call the boy.

      “We are happy! We with Denis was born hero! The child’s growth – 56 cm, weight – 3650! Called Vanya,” said Maksakova.

      Now the happy parents accepted many congratulations on the birth of the next heir. For Mary is the third child, as well as for her spouse. Two children, daughter Lyudmila and son Ilya born Opera diva in previous relationships.

      We will remind, in March of last year, Mary and Denis played a gorgeous wedding, which has invited numerous renowned guests – colleagues and friends Maksakova and Voronenkov.

      Celebrity guests at the wedding of Maria Maksakova

      After the celebration, Mary and Denis wanted to have a baby. Six months after the marriage they found out that they will have a long awaited baby.

      “We originally wanted a boy, so was very happy when the ultrasound met our expectations. Ilya and People have long dreamed of a brother. Son, he was 11 years old, said “Mommy, you could already take advantage of modern medicine. Do ultrasound if you have a child, and you don’t know,” said Maria “StarHit”.

      Maksakova very responsible attitude to pregnancy was closely monitored and their health constantly observed by the doctors. Besides, the doctors recommended that the singer to continue singing to improve tone.

      Like many modern moms, Maria is not going to leave the scene for a long time. In addition, in the fall of publishing is planning to release a solo album. After a short decree it intended with the same force to return to work, social activities and to combine the care of the child with the work.

      “It is in any case will not prevent the continuation of an active academic career of Masha. As experience and the expansion of the creative palette is very bright and intriguing project!” said Manager Maria Maksakova Pavel Tokarev in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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