Baranovskaya remembered the bitter tears Arshavin

Барановская вспомнила о горьких слезах Аршавина Popular TV presenter wrote a book about the evolution of her relationship with the footballer. Yulia Baranovskaya said about how often Andrei Arshavin gave vent to feelings after quarrels and he would cry at the thought of a possible separation with his beloved.

      Барановская вспомнила о горьких слезах Аршавина

      On the other side of TV presenter Yulia the Baranov and the famous football player Andrey Arshavin became known three years ago. The public was shocked by news that a famous athlete was able to leave the civil wife, pregnant with their third child. A young mother had to raise children – Artem, Yana and Arseny. And now the famous football player ex-wife 20 million rubles in alimony.

      Care from Arshavin Baranovskaya became mothers of large families a major blow. However, she found the strength to go further and build a brilliant career, combining care for heirs with work for television. Now the name Baranovskaya familiar throughout the country, and the ex-girlfriend of football player decided that it was time to share the experience with fans who survived something similar. Baranovskaya wrote the book “it gets better”, which dedicated a love story with Arshavin. This piece she wanted to show that among them were these tender feelings, and not just disputes and clarify the relationship. She stressed that their family life was place touching moments, great deeds, and even tears. At the initial stage of the relationship Andrew has repeatedly tried unjustly to break off relations with Yulia, but she knew he couldn’t bear to part with it.

      “Woke up with that beside me on the pillow that lies. Opened my eyes – and it’s a huge bunch of red roses and next to the bed smiling Andrew. For the first time we made love. At the right time, realizing that we can’t break up that we should be together,” remembered the words of the former wife, Julia.

      In the beginning of a relationship between lovers constantly had a heated argument, then a passionate reconciliation. Sometimes Julia succumbing to feelings of resentment, could listen to advice from people who didn’t know the whole situation and saying hurtful words to your loved one. After another disagreement, that Julia decided not to come home, as reported by his handpicked successor.

      “He called back, and we both, squelching noses, and with tears he agreed that I would remain a friend. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I back was to her, but already knew: this is Andrew and he has come to take me home,” said Baranovskaya.

      Despite all the differences, the spouses managed to live together for nine years. Now Yulia is still hard to remember some moments of their life together. “It is very hard to accept that there is no more of that magic that there is some part of your soul.” – the TV presenter admitted to the edition “Collection caravan of stories”.

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