Guram Bablishvili masters a new profession

Гурам Баблишвили осваивает новую профессию
The popular actor became interested in photography.

Guram Bablishvili seriously interested in the art of photography. One of the friends actor is a professional and in-demand in Moscow photographer: husband Anfisa Chekhova asked him to take some lessons.

“I’ve been studying the theory — shared with the Bablishvili, — to the practical part will be performed later. To do this, I’m going to a special tour of my home country — Georgia. During the trip, hope to make beautiful pictures. I hope I can do it”.

The trip is scheduled for may. Guram needs to capture not only the architectural masterpieces of the capital of Georgia — Tbilisi, but also incredible views of mountain peaks including the famous mount Kazbek. The actor will visit and other tourist areas of the country: Kakheti, Sighnaghi, which is famous for the fact that there, as in Las Vegas, you can get married, and, of course, all the famous Alazani valley. There the traveler will spend the night in a real castle.

By the way, Guram far not the only actors who are seriously passionate about photography. For example, one of the talented photographers is Egor Beroev: the artist not only takes pictures but also shoots beautiful video of nature. Long enjoys photography and Konstantin Kryukov, good, to make really beautiful pictures of the actor allows his first degree is in art.

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