Балерина Наталия Касаткина попала в больницу с переломом позвоночника An elderly woman fell in her own apartment. According to doctors, the former soloist of the Bolshoi theatre is in critical condition. Kasatkina did not immediately went to doctors after the incident, so the chances of recovering it are much less.

      Балерина Наталия Касаткина попала в больницу с переломом позвоночника

      Well-known Russian ballerina Natalia Kasatkina was taken to one of the capital’s hospitals with serious injuries. As it turned out, 82-year-old woman broke her spine. According to some reports, the incident occurred with the former soloist of the Bolshoi theatre about two weeks ago, however, it is not considered necessary in time to go to the doctors. The woman received a fracture in a fall in his apartment.

      First, the choreographer did not feel any ill health, so, as reported by the newspaper, Kasatkina went on tour in Morocco. However, during performances of the actress started to happen fainting. Her condition worsened, and colleagues were forced to call doctors. Doctors recommended to deliver a star to Moscow.

      According to some experts one of the Moscow hospitals diagnosed women compression fracture of the spine. As reported in the clinic, the actress is in critical condition.

      Doctors said in an interview with Life.ru that the star of the Bolshoi theatre is in hospital and she was prescribed appropriate therapy. According to some, as Natalia Dmitrievna experts are watching. A compression fracture of the spine is usually treated with conservative or surgical. It is unknown whether you will have an elderly woman have surgery or you can restore your health in other ways.

      We will remind that Natalia Kasatkina is a famous ballerina who danced at the Bolshoi theatre in the period from 1954 to 1976. In 1977 she became Director of the Moscow Theatre of classical ballet. The talented choreographer of the famous thirty large-scale ballet performances.

      “The ballet dancer – a special mentality, so sometimes this star disease even need to support, and then he will break in the Board, but will do. Each actor needs its own approach: sometimes you have to be sharp, to put a man on the place, so he didn’t relax, not dismissed” – as argued by Kasatkina.