Елена Ксенофонтова раскрыла шокирующую правду о расставании с супругом The actress admitted that can no longer remain silent. Elena Ksenofontova has informed the public that war with the former civil husband of the daughter and the apartment. The actress claims that the lawyer Alexander purposely rigged the criminal case against her. According to Ksenofontova, she fears for her own life.

      Last year it became known that Elena Ksenofontova parted with the civil husband – lawyer Alexander. A friend of the actress said, “StarHit” that the couple broke up due to the fact that the chosen artist was in no hurry with the wedding. Only recently became aware of the details of this story, which shocked many. Elena has publicly accused a former lover in a lie.

      Elena Ksenofontova broke up with her husband

      “I was silent. For a long time. For far too long. Was silent because he was protecting his family, his children. Silent, because it was embarrassing and scary. Because I believe that justice will prevail (and otherwise). Because my brain refused to accept such a reality,” said the star.

      According to Ksenofontova, a year ago her husband informed the police about the attack. The man argued that the common-law wife allegedly stabbed him several times in the head, and then pretended to be a victim of violence. The artist herself says that it was different. “Exactly a year (more than 25 sessions!) I tried to prove that in no way to blame that I did not, and he attacked me and I just defended myself. It had everything: plenty of witnesses, including the one that was in the time of the conflict in the house and seen with my own eyes, as he sat on me and twisted arms; my fixed a beating in fracture clinic, medical examination, confirming a beating; report of the district, etc. But in vain,” said Elena.

      Elena Ksenofontova broke down in tears live because of beating her husband

      26 Dec 2016 actress convicted and sentenced to a fine. According to Ksenofontova, ex-lover deliberately wrote in her statement to the police. The woman believes that the lawyer intends to take her apartment, which was once presented.

      “It’s simple to vulgarity. And vomiting… once in a fit of unpredictable (now understandable) the generosity of my husband gave me the apartment, having issued the deed. Apartment under repair, and burdened with the considerable debt for utilities. He had at that moment (and later throughout our life together) was “difficulties at work”. Sincerely wanting to save a loved one from unnecessary disorders, I took all the financial costs. Very quickly it became clear that the two apartments I do not pull. Had to sell off the old finish repair new, remodel,” said the actress.

      After Elena decided to break up with Alexander, he decided to revoke the deed. With this aim he was behind the attack, she said. “Now, when after years of moral and physical humiliation, lies, betrayals, numerous scandals, blackmail, accusations that the blame for all his failures, the endless bullying I suddenly announced his intention to leave and asked to leave, he realized his mistake once. From that moment began the serious work of the brain of a professional lawyer. And the solution was found,” – says Gayane.

      The woman reported that on February 3, the district court will be a meeting of the appeals Committee. Elena said that she had little hope that acquittal. Previously, she repeatedly tried to file a countersuit against ex-lover, appealed to the Investigative Committee. However, Ksenofontova always refused.

      Elena also told that fighting with her ex-husband for her daughter. According to the actress, now, more than half a civil court. It argues that the ex-lover deliberately looking for dirt on the ex-spouse. The only way he can take the baby from her.

      “Shut up not to talk. Say. Because I tried everything (many things left out of the equation). Because finally, I understand that continued silence is akin to suicide. Because making one step, you must do the following and go to the end. Because choking on injustice. Just because I’m afraid not hold on” – these words Edward had finished his appeal to the public.

      Later, Internet users have created a petition, which demanded a fair trial in the case of Elena Ksenofontova affected by domestic violence. “Stop lawlessness! In a legal state a woman should be protected, to be silent no longer!” – said the author of the request.