Dmitry Tarasov settling in the “house of contention”

Дмитрий Тарасов обустраивается в «доме раздора» The player started a repair in the mansion, where once was going to live with Olga Buzova. However, after the divorce, housing remained at the disposal of Dmitry Tarasov. The athlete is issued ownership of the mother that was the cause of quarrels in the family of the athlete and TV presenter.

      Famous football player Dmitry Tarasov began renovation of the mansion, which is located near Moscow. When the athlete was married to TV presenter Olga Buzova, together they wanted to quickly finish the construction site to enter into a new home. After the divorce, the country house remained in full possession of Tarasova. Now the player equips the mansion and thinks the design of the premises, in consultation with a team of professionals.

      “Coordinating the final touches. Thanks to the Italians that came and helped to implement the plans,” wrote the player.

      Video published Tarasov, divided the followers into two camps. Some believed that Dmitry is unfair to his ex-wife, who wanted to move into a new house. Others believe that the athlete should not have to share accommodation with his ex-wife, according to the documents she had no right even part of the mansion.

      “Diman is cruel to ex-second wife, who himself wrote that it was her home, the House is of course gorgeous, but there has to live a big family, very sorry Olya Dima divorced, and not keeping his family”, “So sad. Kind of like with Olga wanted to live there and there you are. Perhaps Ola will be sorry to see this”, “Well it is clear, for whom, and why he posted the video, so Olga let a tear. Only it is foolish of men to do that”, “Cruel! To live with a woman to share it all and leave with nothing. Not a man. This video is designed for Olga to make her more suffer,” was discussed by the subscribers.

      When they began to appear talking about the fact that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are getting a divorce, friends of mine suggested that the cause of the contention was this country house. As it turned out, the athlete of bitter experience from a previous marriage have realized that it is better to purchase it on the closest person, which unconditionally trusts. To the bitter disappointment of Olga Buzova Tarasov considered as such my mother. Friends have suggested that this decision men stumped the presenter. After that, people started noticing that the family quarrel. Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      “Olga told that Dima was unfair – was Frank with “StarHit” the girlfriend of TV presenter Masha. She tried to explain Tarasov, in signing documents for a mother is not necessary, because they love each other and will never divorce. And their nest will grow the children. Incidentally, it is also one of the reasons of discord – children Tarasov, raising a seven year old daughter angelina, she didn’t. Olya also dreamed about the baby… Yes, she’s a career woman, has achieved great heights, but without a child?”