Плохая примета: Пэрис Хилтон потеряла обручальное кольцо с бриллиантом в 20 карат
The socialite sobbed for hours.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka


The other day Paris Hilton had to go through a small
shock. This story is played out in a nightclub, where she came to party
with her fiance, actor Chris Silkey. In fashionable RC Cola
Plant in Miami, Paris came in an excellent mood.
All was going well until 37-year-old Hilton, dancing, not sharply raised her hands in the air. And
this moment with her fingers jumped her
precious engagement ring! And it didn’t just fall at her feet, and
flew somewhere far away.

Paris was in shock: she was very proud
this thing, as a sign of love, presenting her betrothal adorable
groom Hilton — Silkou. Besides, it’s a ring with a diamond of 20 carats, worth as much as $ 2 million.

Discovered the theft, Paris began loudly
to cry, and Chris led a team in search of the lost jewels. However
quite a long time his efforts remained fruitless. Although the entire floor area of the VIP area of the club was carefully inspected, ring
it was revealed not. It was only to
in the morning, when Hilton has managed to fill with her tears all around. And,
revealed the treasure to Paris in a totally unexpected place: in the ice bucket
on one of the tables that stood near the dance floor — that’s the way it
flew from the hands of Hilton. Of course, she was completely happy when her
wedding ring found.

Recall: Zilka gave
Paris this thing in early January of this year, when he proposed to her in a romantic setting. For this, he
brought his beloved to the popular ski resort in Colorado. And there, aspen mountain
The mountain, standing on one knee right in the snow, he asked Hilton to be his
lawful wife.