Что их связывает? Борис Корчевников сблизился с Валерией Гай Германикой
TV presenter found a way to surprise the audience.

Valeria Gai Germanicus and Boris korchevnikov

Photo: @b.korchevnikov Instagram Valeria Gai Germanicus

Last spring, Boris korchevnikov has served as head of the “Savior”. His work on the Orthodox TV channel he finds the meaning of his life. With the advent of Korchevnikov “Saved” much has changed: in the ether, a host of new educational programs. Recently, Boris admitted that he was preparing to launch another new project. And it works on its creation… paired with Valeria gay Valeriya.

“Lera Germanika. What an amazing project you’re up to “our Savior”! Soon!” intrigued Boris subscribers in social networks.

Many users of social networks know Valery exclusively as “controversial Director”. Therefore, they are embarrassed that Boris offered her cooperation. Actually, creativity does not interfere with Gai Germanicus to be a parishioner of the Church. At the age of 27, having overcome a serious crisis, it has brought into your life a religion and since then every Sunday she regularly goes on the service. His two daughters: Octavia and Severin it brings in strict Orthodox tradition. Not so long ago, eldest daughter Valerie starred in the movie and got his first pay. Octavius, with the support of my mom, gave all the money to the Church.

Interestingly, Valeria shortly after the premiere of the series “School” assured reporters that her children in such a school will not learn. The series was shown “wrong side” of modern school life with fights, Smoking drugs and drinking. Gaius Germanicus kept his word and gave Octavia a private Orthodox training. “In this school, no one asks why you don’t have a tablet, than you came to study or what brand of clothes came. Here other values,” — said in an interview with Valeria.

Users now look forward to when we will know what kind of a joint project was discussed in the publication Korchevnikov. “We are waiting for details!” — write to Boris.