Babkina was invited to the theatre of the horse

Бабкина пригласила на работу в театр коня

On December 11, the singer’s theatre “Russian song” will premiere season – the performance “woman’s rebellion”.

Nadezhda Babkina – ordinary person: she and singer, and fashion designer, and host, and the head of a large team – and for 40 years. As an experienced mentor and a prominent figure in show business, Babkina know that even the most devoted viewer permanently you need to surprise. Here, surprise appearance on stage with a live horse.

This season in the theatre of the singer staged “womanish revolt”, the basis of which lay “the Don stories” by Mikhail Sholokhov. The storyline of the play is built around one of the stories included in this collection, is “About Kolchak, Nettles and other things”. It tells the story of women who, excommunicate men from their affection, weaned them to fight. And on stage it was real and consistent with the spirit of Sholokhov and directed by Nina Chusova has decided that the production should involve a true horse breed Arab-traken. And so appeared on the scene the star of the film “the Runaways”, “18/12” and “Horde” 9-year-old black stallion named Baksan.

“Baksan – stunt, stunt horse, – said Nina Chusova. — He has been trained to perform a variety of stunts in the movie, is able on command to fall, to stand on the candle, is not afraid of weapons and shots.”

Stallion in the theatre bring a horse base near Moscow in a special car for the transportation of animals. On the stage of the Baksan raise the freight Elevator. Its release to the audience, the horse is waiting in a specially designated room.

Naturally, the grandmother, the audience in the play also see. The singer got the role of Martha, wife of the Chairman of the collective farm. The plot in the hands of middle-aged women were grandson Minko, whose mother died in childbirth, and his father is fighting for the whites.