Ivan Urgant lit at a party with friends

Иван Ургант зажег на вечеринке у друзей The presenter spent the evening in the company of loved ones. Ivan gave a real concert, delighting the friends singing your favorite songs. They were in awe of the performances of the stars, noting that he has remarkable vocal abilities.

      Ivan Urgant and his wife Natalia Kiknadze spent the weekend in the company of friends. The couple attended the event, organized their loved ones. The evening Ivan and Natalia was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. When the main dishes were eaten and it was time for dessert, the broadcaster decided to pick up a guitar and make a home concert. Urgant pleased friends performance of such songs as “Crane flying in the sky”, “Here birds do not sing,” “let’s smoke” and “Dark night”.

      Videos home get-togethers laid out in his microblog journalist Konstantin Remchukov. His followers came to the delight of rollers, reflecting the atmosphere is wonderful intelligent feast, as well as praised vocal skills of the presenter. “Someone delicately accompanies the performer. Wonderful”, “breathes comfort! Ivan the terrific”, “it’s cool, pleased”, “it’s Great, mentally. Exactly what in our time is not enough” “listen to the full version”, “I wish to be in such company and to sing along”, “Great”, “Talent” was discussed followers remchukova.

      Interestingly, in his youth, Ivan wanted to be a musician. Before Urgant became a famous TV presenter, he has performed in the band “Nuuk”. In 1998, the man released an album called “Star”. Assistance with records, and Ivan had a Maxim Leonidov.

      In 2011, the broadcaster has decided to resume his career as a singer and returned to the stage under the name Grisha Urgant. From its namesake operating on the First channel, it is distinguished by a luxurious mustache. Debut music video of the artist became the video for the song “Voices”. In a new role as a TV star, were happy to provide interviews for various publications. According to legend, Gregory was born in Belarus and enjoys motorcycles and loves to play the guitar. His idol performer called Mikhail Boyarsky. In may 2012 he released the album rising music star, which got the name “Estrada”. In General, critics welcomed the disc.

      By the way, November 28, Ivan’s father – the TV presenter Andrey Urgant – celebrated the anniversary. The man is 60 years old. To commemorate that date he decided, in the company of your son. Ivan invited dad for shooting his program on “the First channel”.