Avraam Russo wife accused him of fraud

Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве The famous performer decided to talk about the problems in the family. Abraham Russo parted with the beloved Morelos, Ferdman and sent her a marriage contract. According to the artist, he and his wife several years concealed serious contradictions between them.
Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве

Singer Avraam Russo was the guest of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The contractor admitted that is experiencing difficulties in the relationship with his wife Morelos, Ferdman. Myself fiancee prefers to refrain from public statements about the situation.

Avraam Russo is preparing to divorce

According to Russo, he was trying to keep the family together, but it did not work. Abraham also thinks that Morel ready to fight with him over property. According to Abraham, he had written to his wife a luxurious house in the United States, which is estimated at 300 million rubles.

Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве“Our problems have lasted quite a long time, but we never spoke about it. Today I first spoke about it. I don’t think she claims the money. My goal was to keep the family together, because we have two children, second child only three years old. I didn’t want to taste this bitter divorce… I’m trying to keep the family together for the kids,” shared Russo.
Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве

The man also said that the second half did not change him. “Honesty no to her questions. There are some misunderstandings. We are a little bit from different cultures. The initial stage is love. Over time, it fades into the background, and begin another life,” – says the singer.

A lawyer and friend Morela Russo Oksana Sokolova, which represents the interests of women in the United States, said that she was very surprised when I found out about the topic of the program with the participation of the husband. As it turned out, the artist isn’t sued for divorce, and sent the wife a marriage contract – proposal for the division of joint property. Until the chosen artist has not signed this document.

“Morel called me tonight and said, “Please save, I don’t know what happened,” – said Sokolov. – Morel never claimed on any property. She was in a difficult financial situation, because the taxes on their house were so high that the house was unsaleable. It’s impossible to find a buyer. This house was valued at the large sum for which it is impossible to sell, respectively assigned to the tax. The house has a mortgage. Little children are abandoned by Abraham. I know that Morel begging any amount to cover debts.”
Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве

The mother of Abraham Russo Maria Ipjian that some lived with her granddaughter in the home of a son in the US, admitted that Merely attitude towards her changed. According to the woman, sister-in-law interferes in communicating with grandchildren, and Ipcan not seen girls for the past six months. The mother of the artist is experiencing because of the conflict that arose in the family of Abraham.

Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве“My heart aches for their divorce. I do not interfere in their situation, but I don’t want a divorce, especially because they have children. I do not know what a divorce is, after all, so we have not decided. In the last year and a half in the relationship of son with the daughter-in-law have difficulties, and I immediately noticed, because she lived with her granddaughter in their house in America. Between them there was a strong tension, both nervous, swore constantly. And I was very worried, didn’t sleep then. When I have something to say Morell, she saw me as the enemy. For me the worst thing is that Morel gave me a barrier to communication with grandchildren,” admitted the mother of Mary, by Ipcan.
Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве

American lawyer wife Russo denied the accusations against his client. According to the lawyer, the house Merely is always open for relatives of Abraham. “You’re trying to turn the situation inside out”, – said the woman to the artist.

Alexander Karasulas, lawyer Morely Rousseau in Russia, expressed the opinion of client about this situation. The man claims that Abraham could fall under the influence of a stranger – Confessor or adviser that has relation to religion and uses the singer to achieve selfish goals. As a believer, Rousseau even built at home a temple.

“Two hours ago I had another conversation with Morelos. Her version is as follows. After my second child was born, most likely, Abraham had a Confessor or counselor, who began to take him from his family – shared Carieles. – Constant scandals, insults in its address, it was reduced to communicating with her friends, there was some seclusion. She is quite patient and non-public, therefore, not shared family squabbles.”
Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве

The representative Merely added that the house of Abraham have not always been easy. “And with all due respect to Abraham, he was not treated well by the wife. As I said Morel, it came to blows. Families are different, but I hope they will not leave,” said the lawyer wife of actor. Carieles believes that the proposal of Rousseau, sent to the beloved is the first step to divorce. According to the marriage contract, most of the property remains with Abraham.

Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked the hero of the show, whether he raised a hand to his wife.

Супруга Авраама Руссо обвинила его в мошенничестве“God, forbid. When was this?” – said the singer.

In the final show of the wife of Abraham Russo publicly addressed to Andrey Malakhov. Morel expressed his willingness to share his version of events and invited the master to his home to give an interview about her life with the famous artist.

“I want to tell the whole country that will give an exclusive interview to my version of you. I invite you to my home in America, I want to show and tell. I have a lot of evidence that will confirm all my facts. I want to tell you about a lot of things, including fraud, about how I used to cover. When he escaped to America, he needed something to hide behind. And I was like this for him. He slandered many, and his sponsor,” – said the choice of the contractor.