Egor Beroev was making on the Old Arbat

Егор Бероев зарабатывал на Старом Арбате Today Egor Beroeva was 40 years old. The actor managed to fulfill many roles this year were such large projects as “Yegor Shilov”, “Circulation”, “the lighthouse Keeper”. Classmate movie stars Anton Adelung told about his school years.
Егор Бероев зарабатывал на Старом Арбате

Egor Beroeva 9 October marks 40 years, 33 of which he plays on stage and in films. The most popular artist gained playing the titular counselor Erast Fandorin in the movie “Turkish gambit”– a modest, educated and intelligent. Close friends of childhood note that this role is like no other reflects its essence, because it is so Egor was from the earliest years.

“Egor was in school No. 1231 to them. Polenov – says “StarHit” a classmate of the future stars Anton Adelung. – I remember him as smart, thoughtful and very calm guy. Nothing could bring him out of balance. While other 9-year-old schoolboys were worn through the corridors, Whitney sat quietly at her Desk and read, not paying attention to anyone else. But to a botanist it could not be called: the learning was easy for him, I do not remember that he ever received a reprimand or two”.

Егор Бероев зарабатывал на Старом Арбате

Despite the fact that Beroev – who comes from a prominent family (his grandfather played a major Vortex in the famous film of the same name, and parents were also actors. – Approx. “StarHit”), a small Yegor their origin boasted.

“I never heard from him phrases like: “do You know who my mom and dad?” – continues to Anton. – He’s basically about the family not talking. Perhaps because in our school located near the Old Arbat, studied a lot of children of the intelligentsia: actors, diplomats, scientists. But all hesitated to stick out…hell, Whitney even my accomplishments is not bragging, and yet he from the first grade took part in the performances – played a cameo role! But never missed for this, or they did not justify their hobby undone homework, for example. However, he still had time, and put him only four and five”.

Егор Бероев зарабатывал на Старом Арбате

Anton recalls that Beroev always tidy looking. “In grade school, we wore uniforms, and in high school began to dress more freely already, says Adelung.– He usually was carrying jeans, sneakers or boots, sweater or shirt… Not a dude, though many of his classmates, having relatives who regularly traveled abroad, loved to put wealth off. Despite the fact that he was not very friendly, each by itself, to Yegor treated well. Called Beroy or Beautycom – depending on the situation. If Council had to ask, seriously – Beroy, as if good-naturedly teased him – then affectionately Beautycom. There was a period when we became friends in April sunbathing on the roof of the garage, walked around the alleys in the centre of the capital. But then my parents transferred me to another school, and the connection was lost.”

Егор Бероев зарабатывал на Старом Арбате

Classmate Beroev Tatiana Kaplanova also notes that for 10 years while she studied with a future star in the same class, he has never been seen in fights and hooliganism. “Funny and kind, Egor all the time head in the clouds – with a smile recalls Tatiana. – I have remained in the memory of the picture: Yegor sitting on the last Desk, swinging on a chair and looks out the window. It was said that, say, Yegor again Raven catches… So I did and remember was a romantic aristocrat with a soft smile.

However, in high school, he still allowed himself a little mischief. He and his friends had a party they went to Old Arbat and sang, throwing his feet hat to collect change. Favorite song of the company was “going Out at night in a field with a horse”.

Probably keeps warm memories of Yegor and studied in a parallel class Dean Peter. Taking advances from a cute boy, she did not know how famous a few years this will become the cavalier.

“Greg and Dina were tender, touching relationship – says “StarHit” classmate Alex.– Beroev ran after the Peter in high school, they were very cute together: took my hand, cooing at recess.

Егор Бероев зарабатывал на Старом Арбате“Egor gave her flowers, was invited to the movies. We observed with curiosity what the outcome of first love, but, alas, high school romance has not grown in anything serious…”