Авдотья Смирнова откровенно заговорила о жизни с Анатолием Чубайсом The writer has dedicated a line to her husband. In the short poem Smirnov conveyed all the emotions that were experienced during the years of relationships with men. Friends and colleagues Avdotya congratulate the couple with a wooden wedding.

      Авдотья Смирнова откровенно заговорила о жизни с Анатолием Чубайсом

      Writer and Director Dunya Smirnova marks the fifth anniversary of her marriage to Anatoly Chubais. 47-year-old woman has devoted spouse a short poem. The politician’s wife laid out on the page in the social network of the family at home. Familiar Smirnova joined to her, leaving suggestions in the comments.

      “The TV, article, a felony, mayhem – five years of happy living. Five years with Chubais under the carpet” – this quatrain was published in the Dunya.

      Dozens of people wished them always to live in understanding and peace. “Yes love”, “Is it five? Congratulations!”, “Power!” Love!”, “Happy for you,” wrote friends of the writer under her funny post.

      Recall that Smirnova and Chubais formalized the relationship in 2012. Prior to this Dunya and Anatoly was known for over ten years and talked as friends. About the wedding personally, a politician told his fans, put up a post on the social network. “We with Dunya Smirnova really married. The wedding was not arranged, and just quietly said together,” explained Chubais.

      Avdotya repeatedly admitted to journalists that she was not eager to marry again. The writer lived in marriage with art critic from St. Petersburg Arkady by Ippolitova. From Smirnova has a son Daniel, who works in the field of cinema.

      Avdotya admitted that the decision to get married was really hard for her. The woman has long weighed all “for” and “against” marriage, but then I realized that Anatoly – is the one with whom she will be able to live together.

      “In order to marry should be the person that you are willing to compromise, which makes you respect and admiration. Then the impossible becomes possible. I met such a person, besides, I didn’t know he had an angelic nature. I believe that our men are weak, selfish, hysterical, irresponsible. With them it is impossible to be a woman. You can be mother, sister (preferably older) and it is impossible to be a girl. Now, all these words do not belong to Anatoly Chubais,” said Smirnova in one of the television.