Отец приемных детей из Зеленограда объяснил синяки на теле сына Michael Del denied that he had raised a hand to kids. The man said that it was simply an educational conversation with one of my adopted sons. According to Michael, he threatened the boy with a belt, and he showed that in kindergarten.

      Отец приемных детей из Зеленограда объяснил синяки на теле сына

      The family history of Del from Zelenograd continues to excite the public. Recently it became known that eight foster children terminated the contract of care. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that kids will find a new family and will give you an apartment if you need it. He also noted that they need rehabilitation.

      The story of mothers from Zelenograd split society into two camps

      Meanwhile, the foster parents deny the fact of domestic violence. According to them, this never happened. Recently Svetlana’s husband Del Michael gave an interview in which he shared his version of what happened. The man told me that you did with Sergei, whose body was allegedly found bruises, educational conversation. To blows, said Del, is not reached.

      “The day he nahuliganil, hurt a girl. In the evening we talked — it was a rigorous interview… At the end he began to cry and scream: “I’ll never, I swear.” I ended the conversation because, like, if there are such complaints, if you girls hurt, get a belt. Everything we have done with him, reconciled. He left the next day in the garden; and there are children among themselves, apparently began to brag: “I’m in “McDonald’s” went,” “I there and then went”… And Sergei said, “And my dad ran”. Child, something had to be proud. Heard it from the teacher, they began to examine it and saw bruises on the elbow, on the leg,” said Del.
      Отец приемных детей из Зеленограда объяснил синяки на теле сына

      The man also reported that this fall the baby first went to kindergarten. At first it was praised, but then the child’s behavior deteriorated. In this regard, Del began to spend with him educational talks. Earlier, Michael told my son that he will not get sweet or not watch their favorite cartoons. The threat of the strap was a response to bad behavior Seryozha, seriously offended the girl.

      Hearing the words of the boy beating, the teacher called the police and called the authorities. Next, they took foster children Del. Michael was not able to combat them he had to go to St. Petersburg for the funeral of my mom. The man is very sorry that he had to go to another city. According to him, it could have turned out differently.

      Michael Del also stated that the small Serezha has its own peculiarities. According to the man, the boy specific the vascular system. Therefore, on the child’s body there were bruises, even if he just fell out of bed. According to Mikhail, the children do not lift a hand. He said that he grew up in a large family, so understands the inadmissibility of such approach to education.

      January 20, Michael Del needs to talk with the investigator. The man told the correspondent of “jellyfish” that can detain him for 48 hours. Despite all that has happened, Del convinced of the need to fight to win. Mother of Zelenograd desperately fighting for the return of 10 foster children