Виктория Боня оправдалась за заявление о проституции Celebrity brought sincere apologies my friend who was suspected of pimping. According to Victoria Bonnie, her partner in business misrepresented the competitors. Host and model suffered from the fact that the offended girl.

      The model and TV presenter Victoria Bonia made the confession. She told me that her business partner allegedly engaged in pimping. Victoria talked about the fact that evidence of guilt familiar. After the message Boni in social networks began a rapid discussion with her colleagues. In this regard, the celebrities had to close the comments to your post.

      Victoria Bonia was dragged into the scandal prostitution

      After some time Victoria again made an appeal. The young woman admitted that she behaved improperly in relation to the partner. According to Bonnie, she was able to understand the situation. As it turned out, a friend celebrities is not associated with prostitution.

      “I want to extend my most sincere apologies, as yesterday, with the “help” dishonest and despicable people I had slandered the girl. Thank God that today had revealed all the details, and it turned out that a former employee of my partner swimwear manipulated the facts, to eliminate competition. In order to achieve their goals people go to such unworthy actions! I am very sorry that I offended this person! Again our deepest apologies,” said the star.

      Earlier, Victoria Bonia announced the termination of cooperation with one friend. Her name the young woman chose not to disclose. “Girls, you all remember that I began the production of swimwear… Before I reached the very unpleasant information that it deals with real pimping. Because of my gullibility, I used to trust people and not check them. I am very worried about my reputation and trying to stain, so I decided to stop all cooperation with this person, so as not to provoke another batch of scandals and rumours,” shared the celebrity.

      Victoria also talked about the fact that asks fans to enter her position. The presenter stated that will release their own line of swimsuits, but somewhat later. In light of recent circumstances it is not known what will happen with things from Bonnie. Perhaps in the near future Victoria is going to tell the fans the details of the planned launch of designer collections.

      Recall that the moment a celebrity is in Dubai. Among other things, Victoria is taking part in the filming for one brand of clothing. Besides it, this process involves Anna Kalashnikov.