Ashley Graham plays sports not for the sake of the figure

Эшли Грэм занимается спортом не ради фигуры

Model plus size Ashley Graham put in your instagram photo with another photo shoot, which took place on the beach. The girl posed in swimsuit. Such photos rarely cause a heated discussion among the public, to which the model has long been used to. The model has been in the gym, which listens to criticisms. The statements of the public got the answer.

“Every time after the publication of pictures from the gym I see comments like “You’ll never be skinny, stop wasting time”, “You’re still too fat to model” or “Why get rid of what made you famous?”.
“But I train not to lose weight. I’m training to be in shape, be healthy, recover from jet lag, stay flexible and toned, boost your energy…” said Ashley.

In one interview the girl dispelled the myths about models plus-size. Many believe that such models do nothing all the time and eat fast food. Graham was quick to refute the opinion and stated that they as well as simple models take care of themselves, exercise and eat right. “I think the label plus-size has a very indirect relationship to the girls,” says the model. She encourages girls to love their body despite of the weight labels. “I know I look sexy, and I want all women with large sizes realized that they, too, are attractive,” says Ashley.

Last year, Ashley Graham made history by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. She became the first plus size model that managed to do it. On the cover izdaniya all the time got models with perfect forms, such as Irina Shayk or Heidi Klum. The journal has revised its standards of beauty. The new issue of Sports Illustrated will be on the shelves within a matter of days, and several pages of issue decorated pictures 27-year-old plus-size model Ashley Graham.