As the lives of Diana Shurygina in Moscow

Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве Diana Shurygina, the girl from Ulyanovsk, whose name was nationally known after several releases of the program “Let them talk”, was the heroine of the video, the announcement of which appeared on the Youtube channel Andrey Malakhov. On the eve of his majority the girl told about how her life has changed after moving to the capital.
Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве

TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov was supported by Diana Shurygina and her family in a difficult situation, when some people believed that Shurygina slandered the young man who committed the rape of their daughter.

A few months after the release editions of the talk show “Let them talk,” Diana spoke for the first time, how is her life in Moscow. The girl became the heroine of one of the first videos on the Youtube channel Andrey Malakhov. The full interview about the life of Shurygino will appear June 18 at 11:00.

Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве“I guess I’m still a provincial, used to this rhythm, and Moscow is a noisy and big city. Unusual,” – said Shurygin.
Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве“I think I’m a girl from the village, dressed in a plaid shirt, a strange skirt. But it’s in my head for some reason. A hick from a small quiet town that saw nothing. There’s only so sitting. There all shops are dirty. Trash-city, honestly,” – shares memories of his native Ulyanovsk schoolgirl.
Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве“There are people, 60-70 percent, just thugs. Moscow and St. Petersburg is a completely different world. There are more honest and ambitious men than in Ulyanovsk”, – compares Diana.
Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве

As the story of Diana Shurygina

17-year-old Diana Shurygina from Ulyanovsk became famous throughout the country after participated in the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov. The girl said in the broadcast transmission that was raped during a party.

The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

Sergey Semenov, who is serving a sentence in prison, was convicted of the rape of a schoolgirl. “Diana, I want you to know that you thought better of it and led a normal lifestyle to the whole situation that happened, it became a lesson for you and your parents. I don’t want harassment, I don’t need it,” said the guy in the video.

Diana’s parents Shurygino met with the family of her rapist

Mom Semenov insisted that the family Diana did everything to make their son went to jail. However, the girl’s father claims that the rape proved two ships.

Как живет Диана Шурыгина в Москве

Diana Shurygina resent fallen on her fame

The Internet began to create groups devoted to Shurygino. The phrase “on the bottom” became one of the main memes of the Network. “After that, I began to subscribe to a large number of people. Pictures were scattered all over the Internet. Began to make memes, parodies,” – said Diane.

The family of Diana Shurygina threatened with death

Ulyanovsk residents left their native city, as tired of the bullying and threats from other local residents. “The kids are at school I can not go. Threats my youngest daughter just darkness. We went directly to the Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee, the police,” said Diana’s father.

Diana Shurygina received their first job offers from the stars

Shurygino began to receive job offers from designers and photographers. ISA Anokhin noted that with pleasure would take the girl to work in your beauty salon.

Offenders Diana Shurygina will answer in court for libel

The popularity of Diana caused an uproar from the bloggers. Mariana Ro has sharply expressed to the girls. Persecution seriously affected the health of the student. She had a nervous breakdown, and Diana was in the hospital. Shurygino parents intend to sue those who publicly insult their daughter. They are assisted by a lawyer Marina Dubrovskaya.