Дверной упор для фанатов «Игры престолов»

The series “Game of thrones” is very popular and has a huge army of fans. Many enterprising people are trying to capitalize on a devoted audience. Recently on Kickstarter successfully raised funds a curious accessory for a house — stop for the door in the form of Hodor.

For those who do not know, Hordor’s a mentally retarded fellow, who in one of the last episodes of the series held the door, holding out the white walkers.

It is also noteworthy that the name “Hodor”, the authors presented as a shortened version of the English “hold the door”, which translates as “hold the door”

The emphasis is a plastic or metal figurine in the form of Hodor, which stands on a pedestal, and backs on to the door. Cost of such a accessory will be about 35$, and want to buy it turned out a lot.

So, you can take an idea on a note and to adjust release of similar figures from clay, plaster or wood.

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