Артем Ткаченко тайно женился
His wife was the actress Ekaterina Steblina.

Artem Tkachenko and Ekaterina Steblina

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The actor, in November 2016 for the second time became a father, officially married the mother of his son Stepan. Artem has admitted that quietly refers to the fact whether his passport stamped, but decided to leave bachelor life and got married with his beloved Catherine Stabling. High-profile wedding, the couple is not satisfied, limiting the campaign to the Registrar. However, as it became known 7days.ru the celebration is planned for the summer.

Recall that in early November 2016 Ekaterina Steblina gave birth to a boy, whom they called Stepan. Baby
was born weighing 4,140 kg and 59 cm.

Recall that the star of the movie “swordsman” also has a teenage son Tikhon
from his marriage with Eugenia Krapovickas. Tkachenko was also married to Ravshan
Kursovoy — children at ex-lovers there.