Pregnant Alla Dovlatov deprivation

Беременная Алла Довлатова терпит лишения The radio host carefully monitors his diet. According to Dovlatova, she doesn’t want to gain extra pounds and consults with experts about nutrition. Recall that in the early summer of Alla will give birth to a third child.

      Leading “Russian radio” Alla Dovlatov is the third time to become a mother. As recognized by the woman, her absolutely not afraid of pregnancy after 40 years old. According to star, the doctors said that the whole process runs smoothly and there is no reason for feelings.

      Dovlatov is not going to go on maternity leave and plans to work all nine months. Radio host admits that he does yoga and tries to eat right, to make it easier to return the slender figure. Alla actively shares tips with subscribers of his microblog.

      “Today I again eat a proper, healthy and delicious food for future moms. Last time asked about the menu. Share today’s menu and the schedule of food intake,” wrote the star of “Russian radio”.

      In the diet of pregnant Dovlatova includes fruits and vegetables. For Breakfast she eats an omelet with spinach. During the second meal, the nutritionist advised the woman to drink fresh. For lunch the star was allowed to eat dessert with raspberry jelly. “I am writing this and feel satiety is replaced again with hunger. Sorry. I can not write more, and I eat now from stock for the whole day because the portions are small and it’s very tasty,” he admitted Dovlatov.

      In addition to proper nutrition Alla tries not to skip yoga. Study leading is following a professional coach Oksana. Specialist control equipment exercise Dovlatova. As recognized by the radio host, the teacher tells her the correct poses that are beneficial to processes in the body. “Yoga is a good mood, health, ease and proper preparation for childbirth. We with Oksana has been doing for my second pregnancy in a row, and these classes allow me is in great shape and during pregnancy, and very fast to recover after the birth of a child,” explained the star.

      Recall that last week Dovlatov told the fans that preparing for the birth of his daughter. Photo shoot of a pregnant radio host appeared in one of the publications. Alla thanked colleagues and friends who kept the news of her interesting position. Alla Dovlatov told how the children perceived her fourth pregnancy