Арестован владелец банка, в котором у Олега Табакова украли 677 миллионов Alexander Klenovskoe was arrested immediately after questioning. One of the owners of the credit institution “Client” was sent under house arrest. How did you manage to install the investigating Committee, lost more than six billion rubles.
Арестован владелец банка, в котором у Олега Табакова украли 677 миллионов

Yesterday it became known that one of the owners of the Bank “Client”, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the financial institution Alexander Klenovskoe was arrested. In the spring of this year against the opened a criminal case – because of misappropriation of funds. As it turned out, the money of the organization was written off in an original way – in the guise of a loan to consumers. And none of those whose name were issued by the transaction, were unaware of the existence of the debt.

Klenovskoe, who is co-owner of the Bank, was arrested after a routine examination. He faces charges under article “Embezzlement”. Despite the fact that the investigative Committee requested that the businessman was taken into custody, the court found the fair to send him under house arrest – a couple of months.

Interestingly, the license of the Bank was taken two years ago. And the day before the financial institution has granted loans totaling $ 1.7 billion on unsuspecting people who found out about it on claims of ships with the requirement to return the money. Now innocent, whose documents have been issued huge amounts of money – from 4 to 300 million, is trying to prove his innocence to the transactions. The investigative Committee found that the scheme was withdrawn more than six billion.

One of the depositors of the Bank “Client” was the famous actor Oleg Tabakov. As it turned out, the organization of the artist entrusted 677 million rubles, which later disappeared from the account. Also among the injured there is the head of the state center for training Olympians in Novogorsk Nikolai Domaracki, which invested in the company $ 2.5 million. Oleg Tabakov has entrusted 677 million unreliable Bank

“Such preference customers have placed funds under a large interest, much higher than that of “ordinary mortals”, in fact incognito. Just gave the heads of the Bank, which was in a confidential relationship. And designed everything somehow, “on the knee” – said the insider edition of “Rosbalt”.