The son of Zhanna Friske refused the gift of the grandmother

Сын Жанны Фриске отказался от подарка бабушки In the media there are details of the next meeting the heir of the famous singer with relatives. Little Plato, who lives with her father, leading Dmitry Shepelev rarely sees Vladimir and Olga Friske.
Сын Жанны Фриске отказался от подарка бабушки

For a long time, the relatives of Jeanne Friske can not establish relations with her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev. Relatives of the singer claim that the broadcaster strongly inhibits their fellowship with the son of actress Plato.

In December the long-awaited meeting of the parents of Jeanne with the child. She was on the Playground at one of the entertainment centers of the capital. Father stars, Vladimir Borisovich could not attend due to health problems – he was in the hospital, and her sister Natalia went to a business trip. The boy went mother, the singer Olga Vladimirovna. If you believe the information that appeared in the media, Plato did not recognize my grandmother. The boy allegedly refused the gift, which greatly upset Olga Friske.

“Plato got up and constricted, as if he were scared. When the grandmother approached him he looked at her blankly. Didn’t say a word of welcome – it seemed that Plato never understood who came up to him. When she turned to him with gentle words, holding out the toy, the boy turned away. The gift did not take. Communication with the child failed. Plato behaved stress – not a word, not a syllable,” – says one of the lawyers of Vladimir Borisovich, who wished to remain anonymous.
Сын Жанны Фриске отказался от подарка бабушки

Representatives of the relatives of Joan are going to file a complaint to the relevant authorities, in order to see more of Plato. “Otherwise, is infringement of the rights of the relatives of the boy and himself,” they say.

Earlier Vladimir Friske participated in the filming of “million dollar Secret”, the air which again voiced their accusations against Dmitry Shepelev. After that, viewers began to discuss the behavior of the civil husband of the singer. The presenter responded to detractors on Instagram.

Vladimir Friske: “Before the death of Jeanne gave Plato the cross, and Shepelev threw it away”

“Critics and commentators. All advisers who know exactly how I should live. Clever, who knows how I am obliged to raise my child. (…) I have nothing to reproach myself. I have nothing to explain and nothing to justify. My child is happy. I’m happy. Not long live the past, in which you enjoy fumbling. Place your order in their exemplary lives. Until then, calm down, crazy. Take care of yourself and your problems,” said Shepelev.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Vladimir Friske does not exclude that the presenter can allegedly be set against Plato’s grandparents. “That is why the child asked the grandfather, during one of the meetings: “When will you return the money?” – quotes the representative of the family of Jeanne “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.