Army of fans Pugacheva and Gagarin started the war

Армии поклонников Пугачевой и Гагариной развязали войну
Fans discuss the message of Alla Pauline.

Polina Gagarina, Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Instagram

Innocent, seemingly, a joke of Alla Pugacheva on Pauline
Gagarina has unleashed a real war between the armies of fans of the stars. However,
there were those who tried to reconcile and artists who, in General did not swear…

We will remind, Polina Gagarina published on the page
social network the photo where she poses in a red coat and black beret,
and wrote about what accustomed themselves to the correct power mode. In response
Pugacheva posted a picture where she was posing in a red beret and
black coat and wrote: “”That the food in the car thinking how glad I
The Kremlin is only in the head, and not “on the nose”, like Polinochka Gagarina. With
morning ate borscht, herring with potatoes and awesome stuffed cabbage rolls with meat. Live

Gagarin left the post of people’s artist without
reviews, and Pugachev, not to mention Polina, released a video in
referred to as exclusive generation not consumed
no supplements to stay healthy.

“I do not understand the message from Pugacheva. She’s so weird!” “Cool
Alla Pugacheva you pinned! The Kremlin on the nose” “Yeah she’s just jealous! In
once again confirmed that it is not worthy of his position!” “And you call,
who could beat Alla! Nothing compares to it half a century!” “Yes, there is. In arrogance
and rudeness!” “Why are you so worried about. It’s just a joke! Pugacheva not
deserve that, and Pauline is a good singer. Only here to get better
she needed some. Overdid it with the weight loss” — they wrote. It is worth noting that Gagarin left a message Pugacheva, and
numerous comments from fans on this occasion no comment.