Lyubov Tolkalina was at the center of a sex scandal

Любовь Толкалина оказалась в центре секс-скандала
The actress said that “sexual harassment — it’s wonderful!”

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Lyubov Tolkalina, who for twenty years lived in a civil marriage with
Yegor Konchalovsky, like no other, understands the intricacies of communication
Directors with Actresses. And when the journalists of the online publication asked her to comment on a scandalous Hollywood story
associated with sexual violence against several Actresses from
American film producer Harvey Weinstein, she willingly shared his expert opinion.

[women accused Harvey Weinstein] did not quite girly.
Because sexual harassment — well, it’s fine, honest
word. And if you have a role, then who cares how you got it, —
Tolkalina said in an interview. — I think it should be, on the contrary,
some kind of solidarity. All is well — it is good, it is good, and
the audience, most importantly, good. There are such a great role. In General
how can a man be accused of sexual harassment, isn’t he
for this exists in the world? If he has the power that he so
that is, something good.”

Like many creative people,
Love often changes its opinion about a particular event, phenomenon. And if
to work on roles of this quality only helps her in dealing with
the media leads to ambiguous, sometimes even conflicting
situations. Immediately after on the website of “Medusa” published an article
the actress wrote on his Instagram: “shall I indeed
consider that sexual harassment, violence is fine… Really
it might tell at least one person alive?” (Post is currently unavailable.)

this case of Love played a bad joke practice approval
interview, to which she is accustomed in other publications. As a rule, before
publication Tolkalina fully copied the text, refusing,
she said she was Dating a journalist. In this case, the resource from
this practice has been abandoned, and the changeable nature of the actress was in sight.
The result has been many striking statements:

“…Woman, you know,
always guilty of sexual harassment of men. If you
a real woman, and if this happens, then you’re never about
this to tell anyone. Because it drops, I think, and you
in the eyes of the public, and it. But why do that if we are friends, well
as it was originally. I think that this is some kind of tool for
manipulation. It’s kind of unnatural. This is probably
just some ordering. How often we have done. Honestly
speaking, I am very sorry for him, I wouldn’t do that. You know
in the world there are more terrible things that can happen with women.
It’s fine when you sexually harassing people,
which such a tremendous power, isn’t it? It seems to me that the only
it was a great mistake to talk about it. I sincerely think so.
A woman should never put a man in an awkward position is
the quality of her femininity. As the Venichka Erofeev, remember
the novel “Moscow — Petushki”? A good woman is what a woman? The one that
honored. Sorry, it’s not me, it’s a quote”.

It remains to add that in
the avoidance of doubt, “Medusa” has published an audio interview
its correspondent with the Love of Tolkalina.