Aristarchus of wines: “Girls from me losing my head”

Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову» The actor has no doubt in his irresistibility. Aristarchus of wines often plays a self-confident young people. The actor enjoyed success with the opposite sex not only in movies but in life. However, until he met the one that would want to link the fate.

      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»

      From March 20 on TNT kicks off the second season of the popular series “urban jungle”. The first part was released two years ago. The audience was looking forward to the continuation of the story about the teenagers who are struggling to hurry and get into adulthood. The producers were trying to convey that all people need love and attention. “StarHit” decided to talk with the actor, 27-year-old actor Aristarkh Venison to understand whether he is associating himself with the main character Tim, as relates to modern teenagers and when planning to acquire their own family.

      Last year they released the first season of “the Law of the stone jungle”. When it was announced that there will be a sequel?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»Frankly, the producers had planned from the beginning of the second season was written 16 episodes, but just decided to separate them by eight. Perhaps they watched how the audience would perceive the picture. To be honest, this is my first picture, when during the filming of the pilot episode, it became clear that will be a bomb for national television. We never doubted that we are waiting for the second season, it was a matter of time. I do not remember exactly, but we were given a short break and then was shooting the second season. I often travel around the country, I do an event, I ask: “will there be A second season of “Jungle”? They are happy when I tell them that soon they will see him. I am very pleased that people have such interest in this picture – I understand that when you get so used to the “dolgorukim” series, their characters are taken literally as members of the family. Despite the fact that came out only eight episodes, I think the series worked because if do their job well, it can be seen immediately.—
      What changes viewers will see in the character Tim?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»Can’t say there’s any changes, it just reveals more. Tim is an absolute rock star, my hero, know it all, five years on the beat. I also starred in many other films, but the hair I have now is the same, so every day I see in the reflection of the main character of the “Law of the stone jungle”. I with this character 24 hours a day, I too rock-n-Rolik we close. He also denies the world, in the end, and gets into trouble. “Son, you fell in with bad company,” “Mom, I founded it,” this may be one of the slogans of the character Tim.
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»
      Is it possible Tim believes your own alter-ego?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»I do notice that all the pictures in which I participate, to accurately and timely match with me. So I don’t even have anything to play, I’m there. —
      If you were pleased that you could play a “bad” guy and to act like they wouldn’t in real life?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»Of course, I would not bind themselves with crime, it’s not very good. I don’t use illicit drugs, generally opposed. In this we have with my hero is a serious difference. However, this did not stop me for sure to exist in this way and understand what happened with Tim. —
      You in real life had to deal with such a company, as in the series?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»When I say that none of these bandits, which we play, I answer that they simply don’t know. My youth was in a different time. I’m not a tough guy, though poor, I grew up in Eastern Moscow districts, but not in any gangs was not. Of course, you know these guys, they respect me because I “broke”. When I was a teenager, I was able to suck, she fawned. Know someone in jail, someone’s still in there, some “sticking” of drugs – all this I saw with my own eyes. In my area it was shameful when someone has taken illegal drugs, it was not cool. Of course, we had the “arrow.” I am one of those who remember that it is possible to face what he will call “you”. But I can say that there were concepts in those days in the street – fight only to first blood, if she fell, feet do not beat, among girls there was no fighting. But the current generation do not know, and they have all the showdown in the Internet. I do not understand what they find in life, not something to build a family! This generation is now “not frightened” what do spineless, in my opinion.
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»
      Comparing himself with his hero, do you also think that bad boys are more like girls?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»From time to time. Consider themselves more negative, but at the same time I wildly charming! A the end of my fascination, but I respect those who lose from my head. I – curiosities, laugh a lot, joke and anyone trying problems not to burden. But bad bad strife. If girls like boys who come home drunk and beat them, is the concept of substitution. I don’t respect. This does not mean that you are bad, but shows that you’re a redneck. I say this not to about me said I was a hero, no. I am not cheap, but I’ve got just enough negative. Girls me to lose my head, don’t believe it, so I have to carefully explain to them. —
      Groupies, I guess you do not give passage…
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»It used to be fun. Now it is not necessary to be on duty under the Windows – it is possible to write in the social network all that you want. And I’m an old-fashioned boy, “Instagram” appeared only two months ago! And then I Nastya Zadorozhnaya suggested we play in the same play. I don’t know how to promote it what to do. Once I had a page, but I couldn’t get into it kind of messy. A new account is better – people even appear. You have no idea how I find it hard to put something – I have so much to do without it. I play guitar, exercise and work.

      Have you met your love?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»I am very picky, but not looking for anyone. It makes no sense, because you can not specifically look for someone. In such a case does not need the artifice. I am an artist, live in the here and now, grief. Anxious and jealous situations. Is so good, and I understand that this moment will never happen again. The last time it happens, think about what you can not open eyes, so enjoy life. Not that I don’t think about tomorrow, but without fanaticism, only a little planning.—
      So what is your ideal girl?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»Like many, I want to meet a beautiful, well-groomed… All the girl has to be a girl – gentle, timid, light, airy, and creative. However, I like moderately cynical, who can tell me something in response – about whom we can say “the Nutcracker”. My only concern, besides the health and happiness of my loved ones – knowledge. This is the only “currency” that matters. And yet, I see people through, so my girl must be real, only that I will respect. Sooner or later, everything reveals itself. I am 27 years old and this is the most “rock and roll” age, don’t want to waste it on false. Anyway – choosing to meet and walk with the girl if I like her or play the guitar – I choose the music.—
      It is possible to combine to play the guitar for girls…
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»No! I half job! It is a heavy feature of my character. I play on a good level, but still. —
      And parents somehow have direct thoughts toward starting a family?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»Talking, of course, but I say, “No!” This is a dangerous topic. Yet the person with whom I would like to live life, and I’m not ready. Babies are a responsibility. My parents say that I’m 27 years old and it was time, but I understand that while it is not.

      You started very early to appear in films and mostly played by teenagers. Is it possible to say that the lives of your characters in some degree replaced you your own adolescence?
      Аристарх Венес: «Девушки от меня теряют голову»Yes, in part. But I’ve had enough time to go out, I kid. Why are the heroes-generation I think the characters of “Kadetstvo”, “Jungle”? I know this age is the most wonderful and interesting period of growing up. I think this is something primitive. You live in the here and now, many things happen to you the first time. —
      You said that you often ask about a possible continuation of the series “kadetstvo” in which you played the role of Ilya Sukhomlin’s. And you yourself remember those shots?
      I miss you! In the 10 years that have passed since that time, I’ve done lots of paintings. Not to say that I was left with a “label” of my character, but people are still interested in “Kadetstvo”. What is the secret? It’s just a good story, it had everything – love, betrayal, friendship, relationships with parents. Amid all the “seamy side”, which was at that time on TV, this show is like a breath of fresh air. I know that all the boys miss you, Directors, producers. We were like a real family. I’m pretty sure that no one project, no one more did not happen. A year and a half we lived together in Tver. Now the most I talk with Kirill Emelyanov, who played Alexei Syrnikova.