Ариель Уинтер встречается с Люком Бенвардом?

It is now known officially: now this is not one, but two nights full of love for Ariel winter and Hatch Benward. According to rumors, the couple was spotted together in Los Angeles, and they looked very nice.
Ariel winter and Luke Benward also ignited the rumors about the relationship when they were spotted in a small and cosy restaurant during their second date at the hotel, Shared. 21 – year-old Ariel sweet hug at the restaurant the 24 – year-old star Luke Benward, and later he put his hand on her lower back and grabbed her thigh. Paparazzi also caught the couple in that moment, which is rumored to be looking into each other’s eyes and giggling in the night. So cute! Ariel and his friend watched as the Hatch on the master class reads the play at a nearby theatre and cinema Institute, Lee Strasberg.

Ариель Уинтер встречается с Люком Бенвардом?
It is clear that Luke appreciated the support of his new lady. After a party with a friend and his colleagues Ariel and Luke left the restaurant together in a car at about 13:45 Pacific time. By the way — Ariel is also looked amazing. The star of “American family” in the image of the 1990-ies was in a stunning tight black dress-slip and a suitable coat with high-heeled boots. Luke was dressed in more casual clothes: white jeans, shirt crinkled button-down, sneakers, and hair done in a ponytail.
Their fun walk takes place three nights after they first saw together. On the night of December 8 camera captured Ariel and Luke coming out from the car. Ariel was dressed in a mini dress champagne color, and the Hatch in black. They seemed to have exchanged with each other with a kiss! Earlier in the day, the 32 – year-old ex-boyfriend Ariel, Levi Medina seen in the moment when he loaded the boxes into a truck near her home in Studio city, California, where he had lived.

Ariel and Levi seems to have remained in good terms despite their separation. Since the split, which quietly occurred in the end of August, they were seen together twice, the insider reported: one in North Hollywood on October 20 and then in West Hollywood on November 24.

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