Archie is going to sue the business partner

Арчи собирается судиться с бизнес-партнером
The famous TV presenter Archie often takes part in various non-profit companies.

Арчи собирается судиться с бизнес-партнером

Archie became interested in the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population, therefore, decided to organize a national award “Healthy nation”.

Developing a plan and finding partners broadcaster has engaged in 2015.

In the winter he had to go abroad for treatment. All cares on the organization of the award, he instructed his colleague.

But, back inside, Archie found out that the man does not want to take it back to the team.

“I “pressed” the company. There I listed as founder, but can not do anything. According to the laws made everything correctly, because the right to his signature as Executive Director, I was told before leaving the country”, says Archie with journalists.

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